Japan Candy Box – October 2016

Japan Candy Box - October 2016

October Japan Candy Box was so full we could barely close them.

The good thing about winter is that eating something sweet helps to cope with the cold and dark months. What a great excuse to eat more candy! Here is a full list of the candies and snacks included in the October Japan Candy Box:

▲ Kracie DIY sets are a fun and interesting way to make your own sweets. With Kracie Nyoki Nyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit you can press your own sweet candy swirls!

▲ Anpan bread is usually filled with red bean paste but these delicious Bourbon Choco Anpan Bread Cookies are full of chocolate and if you heat them up just a little bit, the chocolate will melt to be soft, lovely filling inside the bread!

▲ Candy apples are a yummy autumn treat that you can now enjoy anytime! These Meigum Candy Apple Soft Candies are shaped like little raindrops and taste like real autumn candy apples!

Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummy package includes candy gummies in four different flavor – cola, grape, soda and lemon – and a small pack of hardening powder. Add this powder to the bag, close it up and shake, shake it! Like magic, the soft gummies are now hard gemstone candies!

▲ These hard Marukawa Hello Kitty Gums come in five different flavors – orange, strawberry, grape, green grape and lemon – which one did you receive?

▲ This Puccho Strawberry Chewy Candy is very special – it is a limited edition to be sold at Kyushu, the southwesternmost of Japan’s main islands.

▲ The Kabaya Shuwabo Garitto Candy is an extremely exciting chewy candy with sour powder hidden inside and chewy candy with grape taste outside.

Marukawa Halloween Gum package features a Halloween trickster with a dyed tongue… The chewing gum actually dyes your tongue to red or black!

▲ These tasty and crunchy Rilakkuma Cookie Sticks are covered with delicious flavored frosting and easy to eat without getting your fingers sticky.

▲ This pack of Coris Whistle Soda Candies contains 3 soda flavored and doughnut-shaped candies which make a whistling noise when you blow through them!

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  1. I loved this candy box, I bought one for me and my boyfriend and we enjoyed all the candies, my box missed the Puccho Strawberry Chewy Candy, but we loved it anyway!

    1. Hi Carolina! Thank for such happy feedback and great to hear that you liked all the candies! ^___^ <3 You can always buy more Pucchos from Blippo Kawaii Shop http://www.blippo.com! :) Hopefully the November box arrives soon – so many new treats to try! :)

    1. Hi! The monthly subscription is 19.90 US dollars per month. 😊 And the shipping is free, no matter where you live! 💕

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