Pokotto Colorful Chocolate DIY Candy Tutorial

Hello sweeties! This Pokotto Colorful Chocolate DIY Candy from Kracie was included in the February 2018 monthly snack box. Follow this tutorial to create your own multi-colored chocolate pieces!

This DIY kit includes 2 bags of chocolate (normal and colored), 1 bag of biscuit crumbs and 2 different molds for creating the chocolates. 

Start with cutting the mold in half following the middle line.

▲ Pour the chocolates and biscuit crumbs into different cups or straight into the mold. Make sure that all ingredients fit inside the mold.

Microwave the mold with the chocolate & biscuit pieces for 15 seconds at 500 watts.

▲ Push the mold with lines on the bottom to the top of the mold that has the microwaved ingredients. The chocolate-biscuit mix forms cute chocolate shapes. Cool down the molds in a refrigerator for 5 minutes.

After the chocolates have chilled, you can remove the top mold and carefully push the chocolates out of the bottom mold.

▲ Sweet! Now you have several colorful little chocolates in beautiful patterns! Share the chocolates with your friends or enjoy them by yourself! So yummy!

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