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You get a great selection of snacks and plenty to last you for a few weeks, if you can stop yourself from scoffing the lot at once. (read more…)
Japan Candy Box are really good pickers(*^^*) The assortments were great, and it really gives you a taste of the sweeter side Japan… (read more…)
It was so fun getting my box and opening it with my kids. Can you imagine their excitement when I told them we HAD to try each of the candies and they had to tell me what they thought of each one? (read more…)
Two of my favorite things in life are food and cute stuff, and the new Japan Candy Box monthly subscription service combines both in an adorable package! (read more…)
All in all absolutely everything in my box was super yummy and I was just so surprised by how much they managed to fit in! (read more…)
For as little as $18.20 Japan Candy Box offer an excellent variety of Japanese treats every month. There’s plenty of snacks for all to enjoy… (read more…)
I am so impressed with my first ever Japan Candy Box. There isn’t an item that I am wary of; I would eat every thing I received. There is a good mixture of full size items and small items… (read more…)
I LOVE receiving these boxes. I love that I have no immediate idea what is inside the packaging, I love testing each of product… (read testing as eating the whole thing….) (read more…)
The minute I opened my box, I began screaming at all the cuteness! Japanese packaging is so crazy and funny and weird…and absolutely adorable! (read more…)
It’s already the third time I spoiled myself with a Japan Candy Box and certainly not the last one cause this box brings instant happiness into the daily life. (read more…)
I might have squealed a little upon seeing the contents of the box. All those Japanese sweets and those super cute packages! There were quite some snacks that I had never tried before, so it was really nice to discover them. (read more…)
Japan Candy Box is definitely a lot of fun. The snacks are tasty and varied which is always nice and it seems to me a DIY kit is included in every box. (read more…)