April 2018


Take a peek which Japanese snacks were included in the April Japan Candy Box!
Popin' Cookin' Kuru Kuru Takoyaki DIY Candy Kit
DIY set for making the popular Japanese street food snack Takoyaki (octopus balls) from candy ingredients.
Kit Kat Dark Chocolate MiniBar
Japanese dark chocolate version of Kit Kats. The flavor is written as 'otona no amasa' which translates to 'adults' sweetness’.
Pocky Natural Strawberry Biscuit Sticks
Gently sweet strawberry Pocky sticks with no artificial colors or flavorings.
Yaokin Umaibo Snack Natto Flavor
Umaibo or "delicious stick" in Japanese is a puffed corn snack. This one is flavored with Natto, fermented soya bean powder.
Tomica Ramune Candy
Soda flavor ramune candies in the shapes of cars and other popular Tomica toys.
Koikeya Scorn Wafu BBQ Corn Snacks
Delicious, salty and savory Japanese-style barbecue flavored corn puffs.
Meiji Fruit Gumi Peach Gummy Candy
One of the best selling soft candy in Japan. They are made with concentrated, real peach juice preserving the real fruit taste.
Tohato Caramel Corn Snacks
The delicious taste of caramel and the crispiness of the corn puffs make these a perfect snack!
Kasugai Rose Aroma Ramune Candy
Rose flavored ramune candy blended with catechin and rose petal extract.
Kabaya Puchi Purin Pudding Chocolates
Pudding shaped cup filled with delicious mini chocolates shaped like traditional Japanese pudding.
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