April 2021


Join us in discovering the best snacks this sakura season!
See which Japanese treats were included in April's box!
Special Easter Edition Chocoball
Easter eggs are always better when they are edible! Enjoy this pack of special edition chocolate treats as you go Easter egg hunting. Chocoball has been popular in Japan for decades.
Disney Easter Edition Choco Biscuits
Mickey Mouse and the gang are ready to hop in the Easter festivities with a Japanese twist! These tasty chocolate-filled biscuits are wrapped in fun sakura-themed packaging.
Easter Ottotto Cracker Snacks
Ottotto is one of the best selling snacks in Japan for their quirky shapes. Have a fun Easter holiday as you munch these crunchy treats shaped like bunnies and eggs!
Easter Hi-Chew Chewy Candy
Hi-Chew is a long-selling iconic candy in Japan famous for its irresistibly chewy texture. Mix and match each piece to come up with a new refreshing flavor in every bite.
LOOK Matcha Collection Chocolate
These chocolates let you experience the rich taste of three different matcha drinks - latte, macchiato, and dark matcha! Each piece is made with green tea from Japan’s matcha capital, Uji, Kyoto.
Kyoto Matcha Latte Popcorns
Frito Lay partnered with Itoen, one of Japan’s most popular brands of green tea, to bring us this special treat! Each sweet and milky kernel is seasoned with tea leaves harvested in Kyoto Prefecture.
Kit Kat Ume Plum Chocolate
Plum blossoms signify the start of spring in Japan as they are among the first to bloom during this season. The sour taste of ume plum fruits are balanced with white chocolate in this sweet treat.
Suppa Mucho Sour Plum Potato Sticks
Experience spring in Japan with these crunchy potato snacks! They’re flavored with pickled sour plum powder or umeboshi in Japanese. Each piece is sweet, salty, and sour at the same time!
Koikeya Polinky Corn Puffs
Polinky snacks have been around since 1990 and are very popular among Japanese for the distinct character on the packaging. Savor the delicious goodness of sweet corn in these puffed snacks.
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