April 2022


It’s a tradition in Japan to have hanami picnics under the cherry blossoms.
See which Japanese salura snacks were included in April's box!
Picola Sakura Matcha Egg Rolls
Relish the combination of scented cherry blossoms and stone-milled Uji matcha in the cream filling of these treats! The lovely blush pink hue of each biscuit roll is reminiscent of falling sakura petals.
Collon Cream Sakura Matcha Rolled Biscuits
These waffle biscuit rolls are perfect for tea time as they are rolled in rich matcha powder sourced from Nishio City! Savor its fragrant sakura-flavored cream filling as you sip your warm tea.
Calbee Kata-Age Sour Plum Potato Chips
Welcome spring with these crunchy chips that taste like sour Japanese plum which are in season! These kata-age are potato crisps that are cut thicker than normal and fried to a hardened crisp!
Pocky Sakura & Matcha Biscuit Sticks
This seasonal Pocky release is super popular across Japan! Each biscuit stick is infused with the light floral taste of sakura petals that complements the bittersweet Uji matcha chocolate coating.
Yotchan Foods Curry Snacks
Japan is known to serve the best curry dishes — from chicken to seafood! Satisfy your curiosity as you try these bite-sized treats that have a delicious spicy seafood curry taste.
Pokémon Ramune Fruit Soda Candy
Ramune is a popular carbonated drink in Japan, especially during the sakura season. Enjoy the refreshing citrus soda taste of these ramune candies with your fave Pokémon character!
Black Thunder Strawberry Chocolate Bar
Japanese strawberries are famous around the world for their sweetness! Savor this delectable fruity flavor as you bite into this choco bar that’s packed with cookie bits and puffed rice crisps.
Umaibo Salami Corn Snack
Have fun snacking on this savory salami-flavored corn stick! This puffed treat features the popular Umaemon the cat on the pack.
Easter Sweet Surprise
Easter egg hunting is so much fun as you’ll be rewarded with sweets by the Easter Bunny! Experience the same as you open this triangle-shaped pack and discover your sweet surprise!
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