August 2018


Take a peek which Japanese sweets were included in the August Japan Candy Box!
Coris Kakigori Shaved Ice Ramune Candy
Hawaiian Shaved Ice actually originated from Japan and is still a popular summer treat. These delicious ramune soda candies are flavored to resemble Blue Hawaii and Strawberry shaved ice. Perfectly refreshing for those hot summer days!
Boruto Gummy
Boruto is the son of Naruto and full of energy! These energy drink flavored gummy candies are shaped like Boruto’s hand and have a delicious sweet & sour pineapple taste. Borrow some of Boruto’s energy to attend the Matsuri activities!
Bin Ramune Powder Bottle Snack
This wafer shaped bottle is filled with white ramune powder. Take the straw and stick it through the bottom of the bottle. Now “drink” the ramune soda flavored powder. Just like the cute bunny on the packaging & stay cool in true Matsuri style!
Umaibo Takoyaki Potato Rings
The Umaibo Takoyaki snack sticks became so popular that Yaokin released them as a yummy Takoyaki flavored potato snack. Takoyaki octopus dumplings are a popular treat at Japanese summer festivals!
Glico Karu Edamame Potato Sticks
These crispy and light tubes made of potato and flavored with edamame seasoning are a perfect summer snack! They’re made by Glico, the creators of the world famous Pocky sticks.
Osatsu Doki Sweet Potato Chips - Pancake Flavor
This “only in Japan” flavor combination was voted the No.1 snack for UHA to re-release. Crispy chips with a mellow sweetness of maple syrup and the rich flavor of butter. Like eating pancakes in potato chip form!
Yaokin Yakitori Umaibo
Umaibo, or “Delicious Stick” in Japanese, come in countless different flavors. This one is flavored to resemble Yakitori - a popular grilled chicken snack at Japanese summer festivals!
Yaokin Soba-meshi Noodle Snack
Soba-meshi is the ultimate Japanese street food of fried noodles and rice. This crispy noodle snack captures the authentic taste of Soba-meshi in a delicious snack form.
Puccho Sakurajima Mandarin
Puccho are one of the most popular chewy candies in Japan. This special flavor is made with real Sakurajima mandarins. They are grown in Kagoshima prefecture, very tiny and packed with flavor. Perfectly balanced mix of sweetness and sourness!
Sumikko Gurashi Grape Gummy
Sumikko Gurashi translates literally to “living in a corner” and the characters are shy just like many Japanese people. These yummy grape flavored gummies are shaped like different Sumikko Gurashi!
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