August 2021


Summer festivals are grand in Japan!
See which Japanese Natsu Matsuri snacks were included in August's box!
Calbee Summer Plum Potato Chips
This limited-edition pack of potato chips is made with Kyushu potatoes harvested in the summer! Taste the tangy flavor of its seasoning made with Kishu Nako Plums.
Yaokin The King's Melon Pan
Melon pan is a sweet traditional Japanese bread with a thin layer of cookie crust that resembles melon. These bite-sized cookie versions of melon pan have a sweet chocolate filling.
Kato Takoyaki Potato Snack
Takoyaki is one of the most popular street foods found at Japanese summer festivals! Taste the savory goodness of fried pancake balls with octopus in every bite of this crunchy potato snack.
Mizudeppo Syringe Mizuame Candy
Mizuame is a clear liquid candy that’s often sold as street food during Japanese festivals. Squirt the candy from the syringe to experience the sweet goodness of mizuame the fun way!
Umaibo Nori Shio Puff Stick
In Japanese, nori means seaweed and shio means salt. Enjoy the salted seaweed flavor of this Umaibo, a popular puff snack in Japan. It makes for a great savory natsu matsuri treat!
Coris Ramune Grape Gum
Ramune soda is the staple Japanese refreshment especially during summer festivals! Enjoy the bubbly, carbonated drink goodness of ramune in this grape-flavored bubble gum!
Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit
This DIY candy kit lets you make your own serving of yummy strawberry ice cream treats! Just combine the powder with water and watch it transform into soft, creamy strawberry delight!
Giant Caplico Strawberry Chocolate Snack
Caplico is a very unique snack to enjoy ice cream without worrying about it melting! The wafer cone is filled with airy strawberry chocolate and it feels like you’re actually eating an ice cream.
Fruit Doughnut Gummy
Dagashi candies are very popular among Japanese children for their super fun and bright packaging. This soft candy shaped like a doughnut has a delicious mix of various refreshing fruit flavors.
Kajyu Golden Pineapple Gummies
Golden pineapples are in season in Japan! Enjoy these gummies shaped like tiny pineapple halves and made of real fruit juice. They also contain collagen which helps make skin look supple.
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