August 2022


Get together with loved ones over mouthwatering grilled food while enjoying the warm summer days!
See which Japanese treats were included in August's box!
Koikeya Addictive BBQ Corn Snack
Enjoy some grilled barbecue at your fingertips with these flavorful corn snacks. Each crunchy piece tastes exactly like irresistibly juicy Japanese beef.
Chip Star Consomme Chocolate Snack
Two of Japan’s biggest snack makers Fujiya and YBC collaborated for this special snack! Each baked chocolate piece is coated with crushed consomme-flavored Chip Star.
Pure Premium Okinawa Pineapple Gummy
These heart-shaped gummies are made with juice from pineapples grown on the tropical Okinawa islands in Japan. Enjoy the fruity taste of sweet and sour pineapple in every bite!
Pocky Chocolate Salty Vanilla Biscuit Sticks
Indulge in these summer limited-edition biscuit sticks covered in creamy white vanilla ice cream flavor. They’re made with special vanilla from Madagascar, known to have one of the highest quality beans in the world.
Fishing Gummy Candy
Have fun with this unique gummy shaped like a fish caught on a fishing line! The trick is pulling the blue gummy fishing line in one go without snapping it. Will you succeed or will your tasty catch get away?
Calbee Sapporo BBQ Potato Chips
Enjoy munching on these popular savory snacks flavored with delicious barbecue beef and chicken seasoning. Every crunchy crosscut piece is made using high-quality potatoes from Sapporo Prefecture.
Yaokin Soba-Meshi Noodle Snack
Soba-meshi is a popular summer festival staple in Japan, consisting of fried noodles and rice! This pack filled with rice puffs and crunchy noodle bits tastes exactly like the must-try Japanese street food.
Texas Corn Takoyaki Snacks
Experience the goodness of takoyaki, a famous Japanese summer street food, in every bite of these ball-shaped corn snacks. Perfect savory treat best paired with a refreshing drink as you cool down this summer.
Hi-Chew Super Drink Candy
This pack of soft and melt-in-your-mouth candy is infused with an energy drink. Take a break to enjoy this chewy treat that can help you power through the day and keep you energized.
Caplico Mini Ice Cream Snack
A summer BBQ party isn’t complete without some ice cream for dessert! Munch on this crispy wafer cone which has two layers of aerated cream filling. The best part is that it does not melt like ice cream!
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