December 2020


Join Oishi in experiencing Japanese Christmas traditions!
See which Japanese snacks were included in December's box!
Tohato Pokemon Christmas Snacks
The Pokemon gang are ready to celebrate the holiday season! Enjoy these chocolatey snacks shaped like Pikachu’s face and that have a satisfyingly crunchy puffed texture in every bite.
Black Thunder Christmas Choco Bar
Thunder is a super popular snack in Japan known for their motto “delicious taste in a flash of lightning!” Munch on this limited seasonal treat while binge-watching your fave holiday movie!
Christmas Umaibo Corn Potage Puff Stick
Umaibo’s cat mascot Umaimon dresses up as Santa Clause for this Christmas-exclusive corn snack! Taste the sweet and savory flavor of Japanese corn potage soup in every crunchy bite.
Pretz Crispy Fried Chicken Biscuit Sticks
It’s a Christmas tradition in Japan to get together and enjoy some juicy fried chicken. Indulge in this Japanese holiday custom with these crispy snack sticks. No grease, just yummy goodness!
Crunky Hojicha Latte Chocolate Bar
Take a sip of warm hojicha latte in this limited-edition treat! Hojicha is a type of tea made from Kaga stick tea roasted in Ishikawa Prefecture. You can also freeze this choco bar and enjoy it cold.
Meigum Super Sour Soda Gum
These winter-blue gumballs are bursting with sour soda flavor. One mischievous piece out of the identical trio is super-duper sour! Can you guess which one?
Fettuccine Disney Christmas Fruit Punch Gummies
Mickey and Minnie Mouse are here to illuminate your Christmas evenings! Just let this special holiday packaging absorb light for 30 minutes then watch in awe as it glows in the dark!
Kyoshin Mandarin Orange Mochi Candies
It’s a popular custom in Japan to give boxes of mikan as gifts and eat them during the winter season. Experience this Japanese tradition as you chew these candies bursting with a mandarin flavor!
Kabukiage Fried Senbei Snacks
Japan has a long tradition of making sweets and snacks from rice. These bite-sized rice crackers have a fried soy sauce umami flavor that is comforting on cool winter days.
Morinaga Magic Fruit Mix Ramune Candy
These candies will magically change flavors as you chew two different pellets together! Each sugary piece is packed in a classic Japanese ramune soda bottle.
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