December 2021


Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, Santa Oishi is bringing you tasty treats!
See which Japanese treats were included in December's box!
Pokemon Christmas Chocolate Corn Puffs
The Pokemon gang is ready to join in the holiday fun with these tasty treats! Each crunchy chocolate-coated corn puff is shaped like Pikachu’s face. Enjoy it on its own or add milk for breakfast!
Poteco Christmas Potato Seaweed Rings
These limited-edition crunchy potato snacks are coated with seaweed flavor seasoning. Enjoy placing each ring-shaped piece into your fingers before munching them all up!
Marosh Lemon Squash Marshmallow Candy
Is it gummy? Or marshmallows? This unique candy has been so popular in Japan since its launch due to its mysterious texture! Each piece is coated with lemon squash powder that melts in the mouth.
LOOK Blue Jewel Chocolates
This winter-blue luxurious treat is bursting with sweet muscat grape flavor. Indulge in this jewel-like chocolate that is dyed blue using a pigment extracted from the herb butterfly pea.
Kit Kat Orange Chocolate
This winter seasonal flavor is one of the most popular Japan-exclusive Kit Kats! It even won first place in the past “Kit Kat Revival Election.” Enjoy the iconic flavor combination of milk chocolate with orange.
Chocolate Jiro Biscuit
Meet Choco Jiro, this snack’s official mascot whose funny facial expression is imprinted on the bite-sized piece. It combines a crispy, light-textured biscuit with rich milk chocolate and cream.
Kogumi Fruit & Soda Gummies
Enjoy the refreshing flavors of these gummies that are shaped like soda drinks and fruits! Which flavor did you like best - apple, grape, cola soda, or soda?
Nostalgic Ramune Tablet Candy
Ramune is a popular carbonated drink in Japan, especially during summer festivals. But no need to wait for summer to enjoy this tasty drink! Experience ramune in candy form inside this mini bottle dispenser!
Banana Man Marshmallow
This pillowy candy smells, tastes, and is shaped like a real banana. Bite into this squishy marshmallow for a delightful surprise: a sweet chocolate syrupy center!
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