February 2022


Valentine’s Day in Japan is unique as the ladies give chocolates to their male friends first!
See which Japanese Valentine's Day treats were included in February's box!
Fujiya Have A Heart Peanut Chocolate
What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the sweetest treat! Enjoy this special heart that’s made with rich milk chocolate and loads of crunchy peanuts.
Kit Kat Strawberry Milk Chocolate
Japan is just madly in love with sweet strawberry milk! This yummy choco wafer treat tastes like the popular fruity Japanese beverage. Have fun sharing it with your sweetheart!
Demon Slayer Bakauke Soy Sauce Rice Crackers
The Demon Slayer gang is here to join you this Valentine’s Day! Savor the yummy soy sauce flavor as you snack on these unique banana-shaped rice crackers. They come with a free sticker too!
Heart Chiple Grilled Garlic Beef Chips
Yakiniku or grilling marinated garlicky beef, is best enjoyed with your loved ones! Share these heart-shaped crispy chips that taste like barbecued meat and munch them to your heart’s content!
LOOK 4-Strawberry Mix Chocolate
Sample Japan’s sweetest strawberries like Amaou, Yubeni, Mouikko, and Nara White with these cream-filled choco bites! Have fun choosing which of the four strawberry varieties do you like best!
Puré Heart Ring Fruit Trio Gummy
Put a tangy ring on it this Valentine’s! These heart-shaped gummy rings taste like fresh grapes, peaches, and green apples — but with a super sour kick to them!
Fujiya Heart Peanut Chocolate Gift
It’s a custom for the Japanese to gift gyaku-choco or “reverse chocolate” back to people who gave them sweets on Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to scribble a short message before giving this away!
Coris Fue Strawberry Ramune Whistle Candy
Fue means “to whistle” in Japanese. Enjoy blowing through the holes of these donut-shaped candies to create a sound! The strawberry ramune soda-flavored sweets also come with a surprise toy.
Disney Pakkuncho Heart Biscuits
These round-shaped treats come with various Disney character prints on them. Find out if you’re truly lucky this Valentine’s Day when the rare heart-shaped biscuit shows up in your snack pack!
Picola x Milky White Biscuit Sticks
Picola celebrates its 45th anniversary by collaborating with Milky’s very own Peko-chan for these special snacks! Each biscuit stick is covered with rich sweet condensed milk-flavored cream.
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