January 2020


Feel warm and cozy inside with these winter treats!
See which snacks were included in the January Japan Candy Box!
Toppo Hokkori White Milk Chocolate Pretzel Sticks
These limited-edition biscuits are inspired by the world of silvery winter. Enjoy a cup of milk that’s warm (or “hokkori” in Japanese) in each bite-sized treat.
Sumikko Gurashi Gum & Sticker Set
The famous character series Sumikko Gurashi literally means “living in a corner.” Feel their warmth as you decorate with these collectible stickers and enjoy the soda-flavored gum included.
Koikeya Pure Potato Chips - Coconut & Pepper
These chips take comfort food to the next level of goodness with their extra thick cut slices. Experience the unique flavor blend of exotic coconut and black pepper in every bite.
Bourbon Petit Matcha Chocolate Cookies
Relax with a cup of steamy matcha tea paired with rich cocoa in this sweet snack. Each piece is overloaded with a luscious cream made using green tea from Japan’s matcha capital Uji, Kyoto.
Want Want Jure Peach Gummies
These heart-shaped gummies will warm you up with love on a cool day. Savor the delicious and juicy taste of fresh peach in every bite-sized piece.
Meiji Poifull Mix Fruit Gummies
Make your life sweet with these candies made with real fruit juices. Have fun as you mix and match your favorite colors before chewing them.
Abe Ice Ramune Candy
Experience cold and breezy winter with these icy sweet treats! Their cool taste will have you chew with delight until they swiftly melt in your mouth like snowflakes.
Furuta Dragon Ball Mini Choco Bar
Son Goku from the hit Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z is here to power you through the long day ahead! This chocolatey treat provides the sugar rush you need on a lazy snowy morning.
Black Thunder Hojicha Latte Chocolate Bar
This best-selling chocolate bar is infused with hojicha latte flavor from Kaga stick tea roasted in Ishikawa Prefecture. Take a whiff of the fragrant roasted tea in each crunchy bite.
Yaokin Corn Potage Puff Snacks
Indulge in a warm bowl of corn potage, a famous Japanese soup, in these deliciously crunchy puffed snacks. They are the perfect savory snacks to munch on a chilly evening.
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