January 2021


Experience winter in Japan and discover the tastiest treats this season!
See which Japanese snacks were included in January's box!
Crunky Pretzel & Puffs Chocolate Bar
This "W" double flavor choco bar is packed with delicious malt puffs and pretzel bits. Enjoy their texture mixed with Crunky's sweet milk chocolate. You can also freeze it for extra crunchiness!
Chip Star Wagyu Sukiyaki Potato Chips
Sukiyaki is a famous winter dish consisting of wagyu, a type of premium Japanese beef cooked and served hot pot style. Experience the savory taste of sukiyaki in these crunchy potato chips!
Toppo Rich Milk Biscuit Sticks
Take a sip of warm, comforting milk with these crispy pretzel sticks! Each piece is filled with a rich milk flavor and blended with cream cheese from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost prefecture.
Big Thunder Chocolate Bar
Black Thunder is a best-selling choco bar in Japan known for its dark cocoa cookie center coated with chocolate. This special edition is even bigger and crispier so there’s more for you to munch!
Ham Katsuyasan Pork Cutlet Senbei
Ham katsu is a deep-fried cutlet made with slices of ham coated with bread crumbs. Enjoy the crispy meaty goodness of this yummy Japanese dish in this bite-sized rice cracker!
Coris Koro Can Soda Soft Candy
The soft and fluffy texture of this candy will remind you of snowflakes. Each piece is flavored with deliciously crisp ramune soda, Japan’s most popular soft drink!
Kit Kat Sparkling Wine
Ring in 2021 and celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine! This special edition of Kit Kat tastes like bubbling white wine with a hint of fresh strawberries kneaded into the crunchy wafers. Cheers!
Meigum Cake Party Soft Candy
Welcome 2021 with a New Year Cake! This pack of unusually flavored candies is full of three different cake flavors. Enjoy a different sweet slice in each one!
Umaibo Takoyaki Ring Snacks
Takoyaki is a Japanese street food filled with minced octopus and fried in pancake batter into balls. Enjoy the savory flavor of takoyaki in every bite of these puffed corn rings version of Umaibo!
Sumikko Gurashi Rusk Biscuits
Japan’s popular character series Sumikko Gurashi brings you these tasty bite-sized treats. Rusks are twice-baked crispy biscuits that pair well with a warm drink on a wintery day.
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