January 2022


Party with Oishi and welcome 2022 with the newest and tastiest snacks!
See which Japanese snacks were included in January's box!
Eiwa Munimunidayo Cola Candy
Chew on something uniquely new for the New Year! You’ll keep on guessing if these sour cola-flavored candies are either marshmallows, gummies — or maybe even both!
Pocky Winter Glitter Biscuit Sticks
Snow isn’t the only one you’ll see glistening when you open this winter edition snack! Each brown butter-flavored biscuit stick is coated with shimmery golden caramel choco and sprinkled with salt.
Demon Slayer x Baby Star Beef Ramen Snacks
Noodles are eaten in Japan during the New Year as it symbolizes long life! Celebrate with the Demon Slayer gang as you munch on these sweet and spicy beef-flavored dried ramen snacks.
Fettuccine Pink Lemonade Gummies
These popular Japanese gummy treats have an “al dente” chewy texture that is similar to Italian fettuccine pasta! Savor the mix of sweet pink lemonade flavor and the sour powder coating.
Bourbon Roanne Strawberry Chocolate Crunch
Snack on this unique biscuit sandwich that’s coated with crispy crepe-like Roanne dough! Each piece is generously filled with pink chocolate that tastes like sweet strawberries.
Black Thunder 4 Nut Mix Choco Wafer Bar
Cap off your hearty New Year’s Eve feast with this choco wafer bar that’s famous in Japan! It’s jam packed with cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and shredded coconut.
Pokémon Potato Maru Salad Snack
Get your serving of veggies along with Pokémon cuties as you munch on these dried noodle and potato snacks! Carrots, pumpkins, and mayo are also added to achieve that savory salad taste.
Kikko Chameleon Color-Change Ramune Candy
Turn your tongue into a chameleon with this refreshing ramune-flavored candy! It changes into different hues as it melts in your mouth. You’ll definitely have fun guessing which colors you will get!
Yaokin Waffle-kun Choco Biscuit
Welcome the New Year with prosperity by eating something round that resembles coins! Enjoy this crispy waffle biscuit with chocolate that comes in a lucky circle shape!
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