July 2019


Beat the heat of summer in the land of the rising sun
with a big scoop of ice cream snacks!
See which Tokyo treats were included in the July Japanese snack box!
Mini Chocochip Mint Cookies
These cookies are like a lick of mint chocolate chip ice cream with every bite. Each crunchy piece is minty green colored and is packed with sweet, chunky chocolate chips.
Picola Creamy Coconut Milk Wafers
These wafers capture the sweet and fragrant taste of coconuts. Whisk your taste buds away on a tropical vacation with every crunch. You can also use them as a tasty straw in your favorite drink.
Crunky Soh Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate
Crack open a tub of Japan’s famous Soh ice cream with this Crunky chocolate. Leave it in the fridge for a little before eating to get a true ice cream flavor experience.
Yaokin Colorful Baby’s Marshmallows
As their name suggests, these little guys are so sweet and colorful. Sprinkle them on your ice cream sundae or on your favorite treat for some added marshmallowy goodness.
Strawberry Soft Ice Cream Marshmallow
This mini marshmallow cone is packed with deliciously sweet strawberry “ice cream” jelly. Enjoy the soft, mellow flavors of the marshmallow as it mixes with the juicy strawberry center as you eat.
Morinaga Grape Ramune Bottle Candy
Quench your thirst for sweetness with this bottle of ramune candies. The sugary tablets are subtly tart with a slightly fizzy grape soda flavor. Unlike ramune, you can reseal the bottle with the cap.
Tohato Anpanman Potato Snack
These potato puff snacks feature Anpanman and his pals printed on each piece. The pack is illustrated with an Anpanman character and contains just the right amount of lightly salted potato puffs.
Tohato Bino Bold & Hard Salted Edamame Snacks
Edamame aren’t usually associated with crunchiness, but these Bino snacks are changing that. Each piece has the delicately savory taste of edamame with the bold crunch of a robust chip.
Fizzy Grape Ramune Ball
This grape ball is bursting with all the bubbly flavor of a bottle of ramune! Instantly refresh on a hot summer day with this melt-in-your-mouth candy.
Calbee Cheese Bit Corn Snack
These light and delicately crispy corn chips have a dusting of Cheddar cheese flavor. They begin with a mild sweet corn taste that gradually crescendos into a delightfully sharp cheesy aroma.
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