July 2020


It's a Japanese custom to send summer greetings of fruit!
These Japanese fruity treats were included in the July's box.
Hi-Chew Pineapple & Orange Duo Chewy Candies
Savor the delicious combination of tart Brazilian oranges and sweet Okinawa pineapples in this juicy treat. This tropical fruit mix chew is one of Hi-Chew’s rare duo-flavored releases.
Luxurious Kumamoto Watermelon Gummies
Kumamoto Prefecture is famous for its bear mascot Kumamon and its super sweet watermelons! Each luxurious gummy contains Kumamoto watermelon juice and collagen for supple skin.
Neri Ume Chewy Plum Strips
This pack of classic Japanese candy is made from kneaded plum paste. Enjoy these chewy strips that are laden with sugar which creates a unique combination of sweet and salty flavors.
Bourbon Petit Wasabi Potato Chips
Azumino City in Japan is popular for its fresh wasabi. Taste the authentic spicy flavor in these potato crisps filled with Azumino wasabi powder and let that irresistible flavor set your tongue on fire!
Meiji Kajyu Golden Kiwi Gummies
Relish the taste of golden kiwis which are sweeter than the regular ones with these summer-exclusive candies. Each piece shaped like tiny fruit halves contains skin-enhancing collagen.
Umaibo Yasai Salad Snack
Umaibo or “great tasting stick” is a popular stick puff that features Umaemon the cat on the packaging. Experience the taste of yasai salad, a staple Japanese side salad dish with this corn snack.
Mocchan Dango Mochi
This snack resembles hanami dango, a glutinous rice ball dessert on a stick that is eaten during cherry blossom viewing season. Its colors symbolize cherry blossoms, snow, and summer plants.
Marukawa Yellow Watermelon Bubblegum
Enjoy the honey-like sweetness of yellow watermelons in this refreshingly fruity bubble gum! The playful watermelon character on the packaging will remind you of fresh harvests from the market.
Kasugai 100% Fruit Juice Gummies
Every bite of these candies makes you feel like you’re eating fresh succulent fruits straight from the market! These gummies are made of 100% real fruit juice with no artificial color or flavors.
Dragon Tarako & Butter Potato Snack
These spiral-shaped potato crisps look like dragons swirling across the sky. Sample this unique Japanese flavor combination of butter and tarako or salted cod roe in every crunchy bite.
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