July 2021


Sun’s out and it’s time to have your much needed vacation!
See which Japanese summer snacks were included in July's box!
Puku Puku Taiyaki Cream Soda Wafer
Taiyaki is a famous fish-shaped Japanese sweet treat usually sold as summer street food. Bite into this crispy taiyaki-inspired wafer snack filled with melon cream soda bubble chocolate!
Marukawa Shaved Ice Bubble Gum
Kakigori or Japanese shaved ice is a top favorite summer dessert by locals! Cool down with this gum that has a special icy ramune soda-flavored kakigori taste.
Umaibo Lemon Puff Stick
Umaibo literally translates to “great-tasting stick” and features their iconic cat mascot Umaemon. Let your taste buds tingle with the citrusy tangy flavor of this crunchy snack!
Sakeru Long Peeling Grape Gummy
This super long Sakeru gummy is so popular in Japan, thanks to its hilarious TV commercials that went viral! Take your pick from peeling it into bits or munching it whole!
Tsubu Tropical Fruit Mix Gummies
These jelly bean-shaped candies contain five tropical flavors - kiwi, pineapple, mango, lychee, and pink grapefruit. Each bite will let your imagination take you to the beach!
Chip Star Japanese Barbecue Potato Chips
Summer is best enjoyed with some tasty grilled barbeque! These crispy potato chips are coated with Japanese-style barbeque flavor that combines spices and Kyushu soy sauce.
Kameda Curry Senbei
Senbei or rice crackers are traditional Japanese snacks that are loved by many! Enjoy a bowl of Japanese curry in these crunchy snacks! Each piece is coated in curry flavor with a spicy aroma.
Hi-Chew Pineapple Candy
Hi-Chew is a long-selling iconic Japanese candy famous for its irresistibly chewy texture and with over 170 different flavors! This soft candy in pineapple flavor is perfect for summer!
Ramune Bottle Candy
Ramune soda is a staple Japanese refreshment during the summertime. Taste them in candy form which is just as good! They come in a handy soda bottle that you can easily bring anywhere!
Chee-zack Cheese Snacks
Dagashi snacks are super popular among Japanese children for their fun and bright packaging. Savor this delicious cheesy treat that’s both crispy and flaky!
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