June 2018


Take a peek which Japanese snacks were included in the June Japan Candy Box!
Bourbon Nicotto Vanilla Cream Biscuits
The refreshing sweetness of vanilla cream sandwiched between delicious cocoa biscuits.
Anpanman KoroKoro Chocolate Balls
Chocolates featuring characters from famous anime Anpanman - a superhero whose head is made from a red bean paste bun.
Dole Dessert Peach Yogurt Gummy Candy
Dole has teamed up with Fujiya to create this exciting flavor combination. Each soft gummy has a yogurt base and a tasty Dole peach jelly top.
Calbee Kata-age Black Pepper Potato Chips
“Kata-age” means hard & fried and this bag is filled with extra crispy black pepper flavored potato chips.
Dorachoco Mini Pancakes
Fun dagashi-sized candy version of the traditional Japanese Dorayaki red bean paste pancakes.
Tohato Caramel Corn - Matcha Green Tea
Crispy non-fried caramel corn snacks flavored with premium Uji Mecha green tea from Kyoto prefecture.
Sanrio Characters Ribbon Biscuits
Small package featuring a Sanrio character and filled with biscuits shaped like Hello Kitty’s famous ribbon.
Kracie Fuwarinka Beauty Rose Gum
Freshen your breath and stay healthy! Includes collagen, vitamin C and authentic Damask Rose Oil as a flavor.
Umaibo Snack Stick - Vegetable Salad
Hugely popular Umaibo, or “Delicious Stick” in Japanese, comes in countless different flavors. This one is vegetable salad flavor.
Marukawa Strawberry Shaved Ice Gum
Shaved ice is a popular Hawaiian dessert loved by all Japanese during the hot summer months.
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