June 2019


Hot summers are best enjoyed with some juicy, mouth watering fruit!
See which Japanese summer candy & snacks were included in the June Japanese snack box!
Puré Green & Gold Kiwi Gummy
Puré are premium gummies made with real fruit juice. Enjoy this slightly sour, juicy blend of green & gold kiwi fruits in gummy form with collagen and vitamin C included!
Kabaya Fruit Can Gummies
Enjoy the taste of sweet and slightly sour Japanese clementines, known as mikan. Peel open the cute can packaging’s lid to discover the soft and juicy gummies within.
Fruit Forest Mochi Candy
This pack of Fruit Forest Mochi is like a portable picnic! Open the fruit basket pouch and sample various fruity mochi with the included pick. Don’t forget to munch on the edible plate!
Ginbis Ginza Rusk White Vanilla
Rusk are hard, dry biscuits or twice-baked bread and are usually sweet in Japan. These Ginbis rusk biscuits have a creamy vanilla aroma, complemented with a satisfyingly bold crunch.
Salty Lemon Kakipi Rice Crackers & Peanuts
Kakipi are soy sauce coated rice crackers that look like seeds and peanuts. These kakipi have embraced the taste of summer with a salty lemon flavor made with Setouchi lemons from Hiroshima!
Glico Pretz Extra Crisp Basil & Olive
These special edition Pretz are extra crispy and have a deliciously fragrant taste. Every bite is a sensation of basil and olive flavors that will have you reaching for the next stick.
Marukawa Crushed Ice Cola Bubble Gum
Instantly cool off with this ice cola flavored gum from Marukawa. Each stick is a rush of crisp, cool flavor with crunchy “ice bits” inside.
Yaokin Strawberry Roll Candy
Japan’s version of Fruit by the Foot, this roll candy is a whopping 50 centimeters long! Made with 60% fruit juice, the flavor is deliciously sweet and juicy!
Fortune Telling Strawberry Milk Candies
These strawberry milk candies will tell your fortune! Each piece represents an area of your life. Pop one out to reveal a double circle (great), a single circle (good), a triangle (so-so), or an "x" (bad).
Yaokin Long Chu Grape Taffy
This loooong chewy candy will have your mouth watering with its full and sweet grape taste. Chew the stick yourself or share it with a friend on a nice summer day.
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