June 2020


Munch on these treats as you float away to your own private getaway!
These Japanese summer snacks were included in the June box.
Baskin Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate
Inside each piece is tasty ramune soda candy that will snap and crackle once you pop it in your mouth. Freeze these before eating to get an instant summer ice cream experience!
Calbee Tomoriko Corn Sticks
Summer’s the harvest time for the famous sweet corn from Hokkaido, Japan. Get a taste of its natural goodness with these addictively crunchy and savory sticks that are made of Hokkaido corn.
Koala's March Caramel Latte Biscuits
Satisfy your iced latte cravings by cooling these treats inside the fridge before eating! Each yummy biscuit shell is generously filled with luscious sweet caramel coffee-flavored cream.
Kanro Candemina Soda Mix Gummies
Quench your thirst with these juicy gummies that are as refreshing as an ice-cold soda. They come in a mix of three different soda flavors and are coated with sour powder that’ll make your lips purse!
Doraemon Corn Potage Soup Snack
This crunchy snack tastes like a bowl of the well-loved Japanese creamy soup called corn potage! Enjoy munching each savory piece that resembles Doraemon’s cat collar bell.
Bikkuri Man Pro Baseball Chocolate Wafer
Watching baseball is a favorite summer pastime in Japan. Take part in the fun with this choco-filled wafer that comes with a free caricature sticker of a baseball league team player!
Black Thunder Honey Butter Chocolate Snack
This summer exclusive has a mixed coating of milk chocolate and honey butter with a sweet summer aroma! Indulge in this chocolate treat stuffed with crispy rice puffs and cocoa cookie bits.
Umaibo Tonkatsu Sauce Snack
Savor the goodness of tonkatsu, a popular pork cutlet dish, with this delicious corn puff! Umaibo means “great tasting stick” and it usually features Umaemon the cat in the packaging.
Tengudou Kibi Dango Snack
Okayama Prefecture’s specialty sweet is kibi dango, a sticky dessert made from a combination of rice and millet flour. Now you can try this local treat in the comforts of your own home!
Summer Cherry Mochi Candies
June is cherry-picking season in Japan. Enjoy their fruity flavor with these treats inspired by the staple dessert mochi or Japanese rice cakes.
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