June 2021


Fun and tasty summer adventures await you soon!
See which Japanese summer snacks were included in June's box!
Salted Konpeito Sugar Candy
Konpeito is a traditional Japanese sugar candy that’s been around since the 16th century. These perfectly balanced sweet and salty treats have three salted flavors - salt lemon, salt, and salt plum.
Baskin Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate
Baskin Robbins ice cream is super popular in Japan! Freeze these tasty white chocolate bites so you can enjoy its sweet ice cream flavor together with the crackle of ramune soda candy.
Marukawa Pineapple Gum
Japanese pineapples are in season during the summer! Refresh yourself with the sweet pineapple flavor of this chewy treat.
Which Is Sour Soda?!! Gum
One of these soda-flavored gum pieces is actually super sour! Gather your friends and have them pick a piece to see who gets the sour one!
Koala no March Shortcake Biscuits
Koala’s March is one of the most famous Japanese snacks and it’s loved all over the world! You can briefly freeze these strawberry and whipped cream-filled goodies for a cool snacking experience.
Nori Wasabeef Potato Chips
Launched in Japan in 1987, Wasabeef has become one of the favorite snacks of the Japanese people! The rich umami flavor of beef, spicy wasabi, and seaweed makes for a savory treat!
Puchitto Grape Candy
These yummy treats are bunched together just like real grapes! Enjoy pulling each sweet and soft piece from the stem before eating!
Umaibo Takoyaki Puff Stick
Taste the goodness of takoyaki in this crunchy puffed snack! Takoyaki is a well-loved Japanese street food filled with minced octopus and fried in pancake batter into balls.
Beano Lightly Salted Pea Snacks
These pea snacks are incredibly fluffy and crunchy, you’ll want seconds! Each piece is made of real edamame or tasty young soybeans and baked to crispy perfection.
Soba-Meshi Noodle Snacks
Soba-meshi is a popular Japanese street food consisting of fried noodles and rice. Enjoy this crunchy noodle snack flavored just as the real soba-meshi dish from the food stalls in Japan.
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