June 2022


Experience Japan's rich food and culture when you munch on these tasty snacks!
See which Japanese treats were included in June's box!
Xylitol x BTS Bubble Gum Fruit Mix
K-pop group BTS has also taken Japan by storm! Enjoy the tasty combo of seven different fruits representing each BTS member in this limited-edition pack of bubble gum.
Takoyaki Tei Corn Puffs
Takoyaki is a must-try when you visit Japan! This Japanese street food is filled with octopus bits and fried in pancake batter into balls. Taste the savory umami-rich flavor of takoyaki in these light corn puffs.
Puku Puku Taiyaki Choco Lemonade Wafer
Taiyaki is a traditional fish-shaped dessert that’s usually sold as summer street food in Japan. This taiyaki-inspired wafer snack is filled with aerated chocolate lemonade cream that melts in the mouth.
Black Thunder Matcha Latte Chocolate Snack
Enjoy the sweetness of rich chocolate and the bitterness and aroma of matcha in this choco snack! It’s made from premium matcha sourced from Uji, Kyoto - known for producing some of the best matcha in Japan!
Meigum Super Sour Grape Gum
The Japanese people sure love sour candies! One of these grape-flavored chewing gums is actually super sour! Gather your friends and let them pick a piece to see who among you gets the sour one!
Kamen Rider Grape Gummy
Kamen Rider, also known as Masked Rider, is a famous Japanese show about a motorcycle-riding superhero. Enjoy these grape-flavored gummies shaped like Kamen Riders and their transformation device.
Kit Kat Peach Mini-Bar
Japanese Kit Kats are such a hit across the world and there are more than 300 different unique flavors! This spring limited-edition Kit Kat bar is infused with the delicious flavor of fresh juicy peaches that are in season.
Kinoko Takenoko Chocolate Snack
Japanese snacks are known all over the world for their quirky shapes and look. Have fun eating these odd but delicious bamboo shoots and mushroom-shaped chocolate snacks!
Pikmin Can Be Eaten Gummy
Pikmin is Nintendo’s 3D strategy and puzzle video game series featuring plant-like creatures. Each unique Pikmin-shaped gummy has two different flavors. Discover their mysterious and complex taste in every bite!
Japanese-style Steak Premium Umaibo
A trip to Japan isn’t complete without trying Japanese-style steaks in restaurants! Indulge in this crunchy and savory corn puff stick that tastes like premium Japanese-style beef steak!
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