March 2019


Japan Candy Box is now 4 years old and it’s time to celebrate!
Take a peek which Japanese candy & snacks were included in the March candy box!
Meiji Hi-Milk Chocolate Cubie
These yummy cube-shaped chocolates have a special coating which makes them less prone to melting in your hand. They’re also packed in a handy foldable bag.
Morinaga Disney Chocolate Cookies
These lovely biscuits are filled with soft and delicious milk chocolate and decorated with pictures of popular Disney characters. Can you find your favorite?
Suppa-Mucho Sour Plum Chips Slim Bag
These crispy Suppa-Mucho potato sticks are packed in a handy slim bag and seasoned with a refreshing and sour flavor of sour plum.
Bourbon Petit Rice Crackers
These crispy easy to eat fried rice crackers from Bourbon are seasoned with rock salt and spicy black pepper.
Meiji Super String Q Cola & Soda Flavor
This delicious gummy is more than 120 cm long which means you can slurp it down like spaghetti. Which end will you start from? Cola or soda?
Kasugai Strawberry Ramune Candy
Ramune candies are a type of hard candy that turns into powder when you bite it. These are strawberry flavored and especially made to be allergen free.
YBC Noir Black Cocoa Cookies
YBC comes to you with another great cookie treat, an Oreo-like cookie sandwich made from high quality black cocoa ingredients.
Meiji Mini Chocolate Bag
Meiji is one of the leading candy manufacturers in Japan. This is a fun sized sampler bag of one of their traditional chocolate treats.
Hello Kitty Strawberry Lollipop
Hello Kitty is Sanrio's most famous character and popular all over the world. As she always says, "you can never have too many friends"!
Calbee Vegetable Chips
These heart-shaped mini chips are flavored with different healthy vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes. Healthy & fun!
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