March 2020


Join us in celebrating our 5th Birthday!
These Japanese treats were included in the March box
Oyatsu Dagashi Party Pack
Experience tasty Japanese flavors through this bag filled with a variety of dagashi to try! Dagashi is inexpensive candy or snack food in fun and cute packaging popular among Japanese children.
Glico Komekko Nori Wasabi Snacks
Enjoy the spicy flavor of these crunchy non-fried rice cracker snacks! Sesame seeds, seaweed, and wasabi make for the perfect combination that has just enough kick for your taste buds.
Crunky Sugar Bread Chocolate Bar
Agepan or deep-fried sugar bread is a famous snack among kids in Japan. That taste is perfectly recreated in this limited-edition treat filled with crunchy puffs that give it a real agepan texture.
Puccho Brown Sugar Milk Tea Candies
The bubble milk tea craze is all over Japan and the world! Get your milk tea fix in these tapioca gummy-infused chewy candies. Each piece tastes just like the famed brown sugar milk tea flavor!
Meigum Silver Gabricchu White Soda Chewy Candy
Unwrap the sparkling silver packaging to enjoy the natural sweetness of juice and sugar in this chew. Deliciously refreshing and the perfect sweet to bite when you’re in a celebratory mood!
Kyoshin Fruit Mochi
Mochi is a well-loved traditional Japanese rice cake snack. Experience eating real mochi but in a cute mini form when you take a bite of these deliciously soft and chewy candies!
Sanritsu Heike Pie Biscuit
This tasty snack is shaped like a shield used by the powerful 12th century Japanese Heike Clan against their rival clan Genji. Enjoy the soft, flaky pie texture and rich liquor-filled raisins in each bite.
Eiwa Calpis Marshmallows
Get a taste of Calpis, a popular Japanese non-carbonated soft drink, in these spongy candies. The Calpis-flavored filling which has a light, milky taste comes to life in every soft bite!
Morinaga Mysterious Chocoball
Test your luck and see if you can solve the mystery puzzle on this snack’s box featuring their cute mascot Kyoro. After successfully accomplishing that, reward yourself with these chocolatey treats!
Umaibo Takoyaki Snack Stick
Takoyaki is a famous Japanese appetizer filled with minced octopus and is usually eaten at parties. Share in the celebration as you munch these satisfyingly crunchy and savory corn snacks.
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