March 2021


Join Oishi in celebrating our 6th anniversary!
See which Japanese treats were included in March's box!
Calbee Samurai Japan Baseball Potato Chips
In Japan, baseball season kicks off in March! Take part in the fun with this bag of chips that comes with a collectible card from Samurai Japan, the national baseball team.
Chip Star Hokkaido Asparagus & Bacon Potato Chips
Asparagus bacon is a traditional Japanese yakitori bar snack. Experience eating asparagus stalks wrapped in bacon with these chips. Each piece is made with Hokkaido’s famous tasty asparagus.
Kit Kat Matcha Tiramisu Chocolate
Experience a slice of matcha tiramisu, the Japanese take on this famous western dessert! This limited-edition treat is made with matcha infused white chocolate and mascarpone creme filling.
Lotte Ghana Chocolate Popcorn
Savor the sweet goodness of Ghana, a long-selling chocolate brand by Lotte. This bag of caramel popcorn is coated with a layer of rich Ghana milk chocolate. Perfect for a fun party with friends!
Meito Cider Mochi Candies
Mochi is a well-loved traditional Japanese rice cake snack. Get a taste of mochi but in a fun candy form! Each soft and chewy piece has a refreshing sweet cider taste.
Red Snapper Senbei Rice Crackers
Enjoy these crunchy senbei or rice crackers shaped like tai, a traditional Japanese red snapper fish. This special fish is usually served at Japanese celebrations to bring in good luck.
Gaburichu Yogurt Chewy Candy
Dagashi candies are super popular among Japanese children for their colorful packaging. Have fun chewing this candy stick bursting with sweet yet tangy yogurt flavor.
Umaibo Salami Corn Puff Snack
Umaibo literally means “delicious stick” in Japanese and it features their mascot Umaemon the cat on the packaging. Savor the yummy meaty taste of salami in each crunchy bite!
Kyabetsu Taro Corn Snacks
Kyabetsu Taro is a very popular snack with children and adults alike in Japan. Enjoy munching on each savory puff piece flavored with seaweed and soy sauce.
Meigum Bubbly Bomber Lemon Soda Bubble Gum
Meigum is known for their fun and quirky Japanese candies. Have a blast blowing bubbles with this citrusy chewy gum that has fizzy powder in the center!
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