March 2022


Happy 7th birthday to us! Join Oishi in celebrating 7 years of sharing a little bit of Japan!
See which Japanese treats were included in March's box!
Crisp Choco Flakes
Join us in celebrating our birthday with this chocolate pie snack! Each slice is made of baked corn flakes mixed with sweet milk chocolate glaze.
Strawberry Shortcake Corn Stars
Strawberry shortcakes are super well-loved in Japan! Enjoy this pack of star-shaped corn puffs covered in rich strawberry shortcake chocolate coating. You can eat them with a glass of warm milk or on their own!
Bourbon Petit Strawberry Biscuits
It’s strawberry picking season in Japan! No need to hop on a plane to experience the goodness of Japanese strawberries! These bite-sized biscuits are sandwiched with luscious strawberry cream.
Kit Kat Milk Tea Mini-Bar
Time for a tea party as you enjoy this newest Japan-exclusive Kit Kat that tastes just like Royal Milk Tea! The milk tea-flavored wafer is sandwiched with a cream kneaded with black tea extract powder.
Kit Kat Adult Sweetness White Mini-Bar
This Japan-only Kit Kat is the latest from the ‘Sweetness for Adults’ series, known for deeper flavors. It’s made with finely crushed black biscuits and milk from Hokkaido is used for the creamy white chocolate coating.
Kit Kat Whole Grain Biscuit Mini-Bar
Kit Kat Japan recently released a new line especially for the health-conscious! Made of healthy grains, you can indulge without feeling guilty! The crushed wheat biscuits help add some crunchy texture to this tasty treat.
Alfort Premium Pistachio Chocolate Biscuits
Enjoy this popular Japanese biscuit snack’s newly launched nutty flavor that uses pistachios! Each piece is a combination of pistachio-flavored whole grain biscuit and chocolate kneaded with roasted pistachio paste.
Adult Jagariko Yakitori Potato Snacks
Jagariko collaborated with Sapporo Beer, the oldest brand of beer in Japan! Taste the umami flavor of yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) in every bite. Best enjoyed with beer for that yakitori bar experience at home!
Koikeya Garlic & Hashed Potato Snacks
These chips are made of shredded raw potatoes fried at high temperatures and shaped into bite-sized cubes. The addition of grated garlic and basil further enhanced the aroma and taste of this savory snack!
Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Snack Stick
Meet Umaimon, the mascot for this puffed corn stick who got his name from “umai” meaning tasty in Japanese! It’s flavored with the umami goodness of teriyaki burger, a popular staple in most Japanese fusion fast-food restaurants!
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