May 2019


From anime heroes to prefecture mascots and more, Japan is all about characters!
See which Japanese character candy & snacks were included in the May snack crate!
Ginbis Lady Corn - Non Fried Corn Snack
Introducing a new superhero from Ginbis, Lady Corn! These corn snacks are baked, not fried, for a guilt-free, delicately salty flavor. And their crunch packs a POW!
Marukawa Kirby Mix‘n'Match Gum
Nintendo’s super popular game character Kirby is here to share his otherworldly powers! Chew 2 different flavors of this gum at once to create totally new and outrageous flavors!
Bake Hello Kitty Uji Matcha Chocolate
Enjoy Bake chocolate at the beach with Hello Kitty! This special edition of Morinaga’s melt-resistant chocolate is made with matcha from Uji, the matcha capital of Japan!
Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Gummies
The Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulgers are a team of warriors in Japan’s famous Super Sentai series. The bag features Ryusoulgers characters and contains delicious fruit gummies.
Pretty Cure Gummies
Japan’s new magical girl sensation is Pretty Cure! This pack features one of the super cute PreCure girls and is loaded with soft fruit gummies.
Detective Conan Chocolate Bar
Detective Conan has been solving mysteries since his debut in the 90s. The boy detective is pictured on these milk chocolate bars with a flaky wafer and strawberry cream center.
Umaibo Puzzles & Dragons
The deliciously puffy Umaibo corn snack meets the mobile game Puzzles & Dragons! This Umaibo has a ginger ale inspired “dragon flavor” and features Umaemon or his sister Umami Chan!
Pokémon Sun & Moon Gum
Experience the thrill of discovering and training new Pokémon! Top’s yummy grape gum packaging features Pokémon from the Sun & Moon anime!
Lotte Koala’s March Cookies - Cream Pudding
Koala’s March cookies are well-known for their cute koala characters.This limited edition flavor has a crunchy exterior and soft cream pudding flavored chocolate center.
Puku Puku Tai Wafer - Mint Flavor
Based on the festival treat Taiyaki, Puku Puku Tai is a delicate wafer with sweet, airy chocolate filling. This special edition cool mint flavor is popular in Japan during the hot summers.
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