May 2020


In Japan, there is a character for almost everything!
These Japanese character snacks were included in the May box.
Milky Sakura Pink Chocolate
Enjoy hanami or cherry blossom viewing with Peko Chan, Milky’s spokesgirl. Each luscious piece of chocolate is filled with a special seasonal flavor of cherry blossom milk cream and sauce.
Extreme Bokun Habanero Crispy Potato Snacks
Even spiciness comes in character form in Japan with the notorious Bokun Habanero pepper. Grab one of these french fry shaped pieces when you crave some fiery flavor.
Baby Star x Coco Ichibanya Curry Noodle Snack
Ramen noodles or curry? Why not both! Baby Star’s mascot Hoshio kun has teamed up with popular Japanese curry chain Coco Ichibanya for this yummy dried noodle snack collab.
Doraemon Dorami Strawberry Cookies
In Japan especially sweet treats come in cute character shapes! Doraemon’s sister Dorami brings you these strawberry cookies shaped like different Doraemon characters and futuristic gadgets.
Gudetama Egg Over Rice Stick Snack
This iconic lazy egg continues to spread the love for cute Japanese characters worldwide. With this snack stick he introduces the traditional Japanese breakfast staple egg over rice.
Precure Strawberry Latte Corn Snacks
Precure is Japan’s latest magical girl anime craze. This group of gifted teenage girls fight crime in kawaii style. Inside each pack are pink corn snacks with a flavor inspired by a strawberry latte.
Shigekix Soda Gummies
Plunge into the wave of crisp soda flavor with Shigeda the alien. These gummies have a sweet and sour flavor that grows stronger as you chew. Each is loaded with vitamin C and calcium.
Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Snack Stick
Umaimon is the mascot for these puffed corn sticks and gets his name from “umai” meaning tasty in Japanese. This cat loves all things yummy including teriyaki burgers that inspired this snack!
Bourbon Petit Rich Kinako Wafers
Puchi Kuma are a series of colorful bears who can’t get enough of these bite-sized snacks. This variety has a sweet kinako soybean flour flavor, a topping often sprinkled over Japanese desserts.
Disney Pakun Choco Snack Pack
Enjoy Japan’s love for all things Disney with these creamy chocolate filled cookies. Each one features a different Disney character on its crispy outer cookie shell.
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