May 2021


Celebrate the goodness of Japanese anime, manga, and video games!
See which otaku snacks were included in May's box!
Boruto Energetic Gummy Candy
Naruto’s son Boruto is here to give you some energy! This super popular manga and anime series is about a ninja who dreams of becoming the Hokage or leader of his village.
Kirby Mix & Match Gum
Kirby is one of Nintendo’s super popular game characters with otherworldly powers! Mix and match these candies to create totally new and outrageous flavors.
Pokémon Choco Wafer
Pikachu and the rest of the Pokémon gang have captured the world by storm since their launch in Japan in 1996! Indulge in this chocolatey snack wrapped in different Pokémon characters.
Super Mario Chocolate Coin
Iconic video game character Mario is here to help power up your day! Enjoy these chocolate treats that resemble the gold coins usually collected in the game to increase score or for extra lives.
Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie Puff Stick
This snack’s name literally means "great tasting stick" in Japanese as each piece is shaped like a puffed stick. Umaibo’s well-loved cat mascot Umaimon is always featured on their fun packaging!
Doraemon Baby Star Ramen Snacks
Baby Star has teamed up with one of the longest-running anime series in Japan for this yummy snack collab! Doraemon is a robot cat who has traveled back in time to help fight bullies.
Twisted Wonderland Grape Gummies
Twisted Wonderland is Japan’s latest hit mobile game! Its characters and concepts are based on villains from various Disney franchises. Delve into the dark world with these tasty sweets!
Dragon Ball Chewing Gum
This hit Japanese manga and anime series follows the adventures of Goku as he gathers Dragon Balls around the universe. Join him on his quest as you chew on this delicious chewing gum!
Sayaendo Edamame Snacks
Just like watching anime, these crunchy edamame snacks are very addictive! Each piece is made from real peas which are fried and seasoned with a pinch of salt.
Doraemon Bonchiage Rice Snacks
Bonchiage is a famous deep fried senbei or traditional Japanese rice cracker. This crunchy snack is wrapped in the cuteness of the well-loved Doraemon!
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