November 2019


The tastiest Japanese fall treats for this Thanksgiving season!
See which Japanese snacks were included in the November Japan Candy Box!
Sweet Potato Pretz
These biscuit sticks bring the comforting taste of a Japanese fall favorite “osatsu” or sweet potatoes to you in a convenient pack. Each crispy stick contains their sweet and full bodied flavor.
Crunky Hokkaido Corn Chocolate
Crazy flavors are just one of the reasons Japanese candy rocks. This creamy chocolate bar proves that with its unusually delicious sweet corn flavor made with real Hokkaido corn!
Tohato Caramel Corn - Daigaku Imo Sweet Potato
Daigaku imo means “university potato” as this is a popular study snack with university students. Enjoy the sweet glazed potato taste after hitting the books, or when you are craving a fall treat!
Kabaya Honey Lemon Gummies
There’s nothing like a lemon and honey drink on a cool fall day. Each of these gummies is a slice of that with juicy lemon and sweet, rich honey flavors.
Fujiya Anpanman Hiragana Biscuits
These chocolate sandwich biscuits each feature the Anpanman gang introducing a different hiragana character. Take a tasty test of your Japanese skills by lining them up in a row to spell out words!
Meiji Kinoko no Yama or Takenoko no Sato
Harvest your own mushrooms or bamboo shoots with this delicious chocolate and strawberry snack pack! Each sweet biscuit is topped with creamy milk and strawberry chocolate.
Coris Cajilicho Melon Bread & Melon Soda Soft Candy
Have a sweet drink and snack in one delicious, chewy candy stick. This long chew is a combo of two classic Japanese melon flavors: melon bread and melon soda!
Tohato Mini Bino Lightly Salted Pea Snacks
Finally a heaping helping of peas you’ll actually want to eat this Thanksgiving! These snacks have a light salt coating and satisfyingly crisp texture that is so tasty, you’ll want seconds.
Chirin Gogo Mikan Ramune Candy
Juicy citrus flavor is at the tip of your fingers with this cute case. Each piece is like a refreshing bottle of ramune soda mixed with the sweet and sour flavor of mikan clementines.
Sugimotoya “Don’t Lose” Fruit Mix Gummies
These fruity gummies are shaped like different encouraging hand gestures: a wave, a strong fist, and a peace sign. Each package says “don’t lose” in a different Japanese regional dialect!
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