November 2020


Join Oishi harvesting tasty Japanese fall treats!
See which Japanese snacks were included in November's box!
LOOK Kumamon Chestnut & Sweet Potato Chocolate
Kumamoto Prefecture is not only famous for its mascot Kumamon — but also chestnuts and sweet potatoes! Taste these two fall harvests in these chocolate bites.
Noir Cocoa & Black Honey Kinako Biscuit Sticks
Munch on these dark cocoa biscuit rolls filled with kuromitsu kinako! It’s an autumn flavor that is a combination of dark sugar syrup called black honey and roasted soybean flour.
Bourbon Petit Sweet Soy Rice Crackers
These mini rice crackers are coated with a savory-sweet soy sauce glaze! Enjoy nibbling on these yummy bites while you wait for your turkey to finish baking for Thanksgiving.
Fruity Harvest Mochi Candy Bites
Enjoy these mochi candies that are sweetened with different fruits! Mochi is a Japanese treat that’s made from mochigome or sticky rice that’s pounded into a paste.
Gaburichu Sun Orange Soda Chewy Candy
Dagashi candies are extremely popular among Japanese children for their fun and bright packaging. This chewy dagashi candy stick is bursting with a refreshing orange soda flavor!
Umaibo Nori Shio Corn Puff Snack
This lightly-salted corn puff is generously covered with both Aosa seaweed and Yaki-nori or roasted laver powder! Have fun munching on this great tasting stick which features Umaemon the cat.
Hi-Chew Fizzy Ramune Cola Chewy Candy
Get instantly refreshed with this cola-flavored soft candy! It has crunchy candy bits in the center that taste like fizzy ramune, a popular Japanese carbonated soda.
Roasted Sweet Potato Yokan
This traditional Japanese dessert is a thick jelly paste made of agar and red beans. Bite into this modern take that tastes like freshly-harvested sweet potato! It is best paired with hot green tea.
Kit Kat Autumn Chestnut Minibar
Japan is known for its seasonal Kit Kat flavors! This year they’re bringing back the popular fall limited-edition chestnut Kit Kats. Experience the delicious sweet warm chestnut taste in every bite!
Glico Karu Sweet Potato Biscuit Sticks
These non-fried biscuit sticks are flavored with purple sweet potato! The potatoes that are harvested during fall are sourced from Okinawa Prefecture. They are rich in vitamin C and anthocyanin.
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