November 2021


Join Oishi in giving thanks for the abundance of Autumn harvests!
See which Japanese treats were included in November's box!
Calbee Osatsu Sweet Potato Snack
Osatsu is a seasonal Japanese snack from Calbee that’s only available during autumn to winter. Each piece is made of freshly harvested sweet potatoes and baked to crisp perfection.
Picola Purple Potato Chocolate Cookie Sticks
Enjoy these biscuit sticks that have a combination of flaky cookie and creamy chocolate! The cream is made from Japanese Anno sweet potatoes which are known for their natural sugary taste.
Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Puff Snack
Teriyaki burger is a popular staple in most Japanese fusion fast-food restaurants. Enjoy the umami goodness of teriyaki burger in this puffed corn snack!
Cola Up Petit Gummy Candy
Refresh yourself with these gummy candies shaped like mini cola bottles! Each piece has a very strong cola flavor and has a firmer texture than regular gummy candy.
Yaokin How About A Set Of Potatoes? Gum!
Yaokin makes fun and unique Japanese candies loved by many across the world today. Gather your friends and see if you can trick them into thinking these are real french fries!
Yaokin Milk & Coffee Crisps
These bite-sized crisps are made from puffed wheat and have a satisfying coffee and milk taste. Eat them with warm milk for a delicious breakfast this autumn!
Pure Premium Mandarin Orange Gummy Candy
These gummy candies are popular in Japan for their sour sugar coating. Enjoy the premium Mandarin orange flavor in each piece that is infused with 100% fruit puree!
Yaokin Diamond Ring Candy
Have fun with this tasty piece of bling that you can wear and snack on at the same time! Its diamond-shaped candy has a fruity flavor. Which one did you get - grape, strawberry, or orange?
Kit Kat Baked Cheesecake White Chocolate
Celebrate the fall season with a slice of luscious cheesecake! This limited-edition Kit Kat has a sweet and tangy cheesecake flavor mixed with white chocolate on its crispy wafer.
Kyoshin Mochi Dango
Dango is a Japanese traditional sweet snack that’s made of glutinous rice balls and usually served on a stick. Indulge in these soft, chewy, and bouncy mochi snacks as you cozy up this fall season.
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