October 2019


Treat yourself to these spooktacular Halloween snacks!
See the Japanese Halloween candy included in the October Japan Candy Box!
Koala’s March Halloween Biscuits
Koala’s March gets the spooky treatment with these special edition treats. Each one has a different Halloween themed design on its shell with classic rich chocolate concealed inside!
Toppo Halloween Edition Biscuit Sticks
Toppo brings the trick-or-treat experience to you with this limited edition version of their delicious chocolate-filled biscuit sticks. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside!
Monstro Frankenstein Gum
Don’t be afraid of the grotesque Frankenstein packaging. Inside you will find sweet gum packed with the flavor of refreshing soda and cola. Watch as your tongue changes color as you chew!
Tohato Bokun Habanero Chips
Let the cackling habanero pepper serve as a warning that these crispy little potato rings are no joke. After a few savory pieces you will start to feel warmer as their spiciness builds up in your mouth.
Tohato Caramel Corn Halloween Mini Pack
Get in the witchy spirit with these sweet corn puff snacks in spooky yet cute witch packaging. Each piece melts in your mouth like a magical witch’s spell and finishes with a satisfying crunch.
Pokemon Halloween Party Chocolate Snack
Pikachu joins in the spooky fun this Halloween season with these cute and chocolatey treats. Each chocolate coated corn snack piece is shaped like an adorable Pikachu face.
Shimi Halloween Choco Corn Stars
Celebrate Halloween with this delightfully crunchy corn puff snack. Each chocolatey piece is shaped like a magical star.
Black Thunder Halloween Chocolate Bar
This eerie Halloween-themed chocolate bar has the flavor intensity of a thunderstorm. Chocolate coating surrounds chunks of crunchy rice puffs in this sweetly satisfying treat.
Terrible Ghost Story Gum
Like something out of a nightmare, this creepy gum contains a story of pure horror. Chew the gum as you read this chilling tale and keep the included talisman with you to ward off evil spirits!
Happy Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick
Umaimon is dressed up in a Halloween costume and ready for trick-or-treating. Unwrap this crunchy corn stick to discover the taste of creamy corn potage soup. So comforting on a cool fall day!
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