October 2020


Have a spooktacular Halloween night trick or treating!
See which Japanese snacks were included in October's box!
Scary Monster Stamp Candies
Lick these sugary candies that double as stamps! You can press the scary monster patterns on your hands or face before you gobble everything up.
Halloween Pokémon Choco Corn Puff Snacks
Join the Pokémon gang in their spooky Halloween party with these yummy corn puffs! Each crunchy chocolatey piece is shaped like an adorable Pikachu face.
Koala’s March Halloween Party Box
These koalas offer not tricks but choco-filled treats! Get into the Halloween spirit as you munch on each crunchy cookie piece illustrated with a spooktacular koala print.
Mystery Halloween Tsubu Gumi Jelly Beans
Surprise yourself as you try guessing which flavor is which! These jelly beans are the biggest trick among treats with flavors that have been mysteriously switched by a witch!
Halloween Toppo Choco Pretzel Sticks
No messy hands here as you munch on these crunchy biscuits. Enjoy these Halloween edition pretzel sticks that have a hollow center and are filled with gooey yummy chocolate!
Spooky Halloween Black Thunder Choco Bar
This choco bar is coated with dark chocolate as pitch black as Halloween night. It’s filled with yummy cookie chunks and crispy rice puffs that you can savor while you go trick-or-treating!
Sour Apple Paper Candy Strip
Umaibo’s Umaimon dresses up in a ghoulish costume for this Halloween-exclusive corn puff. Taste the sweet-savory Japanese corn potage soup as you bite into this crunchy stick snack!
Witch’s Brew Mix & Match Gumballs
Brew your own witchy concoctions by chewing two gumballs at the same time to create new taste combinations. Mix the 5 fruity variants and instantly make all the flavors mysteriously vanish!
Bokun Habanero Spicy Potato Rings
Bokun’s mischievous grin is a warning that these snacks are super spicy. Each piece will have you howling as you experience their fiery flavor that’s 80 times hotter than jalapeño peppers!
Halloween Night Baby Star Ramen Snacks
Experience a bowl of ramen in this savory snack pack — no hot water required! These dried chicken noodles make the perfect finger food for your Halloween scare-fest movie night.
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