October 2021


Let Oishi get you in the Halloween spirit!
See which Japanese Halloween treats were included in October's box!
Fettuccine Mickey & Minnie Halloween Gummies
Mickey and Minnie don’t have any tricks up their sleeves - they’ve got treats shaped like fettuccine pasta! Fettuccine is a super popular gummy candy in Japan known for its sourness.
Tahato Halloween Caramel Corn
This Halloween-themed bag of Caramel Corn is perfect for spooky movie nights! Share these tasty munchies with your friends while watching your favorite Japanese horror films.
Umaibo Halloween Corn Potage Puff Stick
Umaibo's cat mascot Umaemon is wearing his best spooky costume and ready for some Halloween fun! Enjoy the tasty corn potage flavor of this corn snack.
Black Thunder Halloween Chocolate Bar
You can give this cacao-flavored mini chocolate bar to the best trick-or-treater of the season or you could eat it yourself. This tasty Japanese treat is as black as the eerie night!
Koris Monster Gum
Each piece of gum in this pack of sweets has a fun gooey center. But beware as the monsters have a trick up their sleeves - one of the three gumballs has a super sour surprise!
Baby Star Halloween Chicken Noodle Snacks
Baby Star’s Hoshio-kun has turned into a witch for Spooktober! Join the eerie festivities by munching on this pack of tasty chicken-flavored noodle snacks!
Apollo Halloween Chocolates
Head to the moon and back this Halloween! These iconic cone-shaped sweets were inspired by the Apollo 11 spacecraft which paved the way for mankind’s first lunar landing.
Sanritsu Genji-Pie Crispy Pumpkin Snack
Genji-Pie is a popular Japanese pie-snack that’s been loved since 1965. Enjoy this tasty treat in the ultimate flavor of the spooky season - pumpkin!
Kajyu Halloween Fruit Juice Gummies
Kajyu means fruit juice in Japanese. Have a juicy and spooky Halloween by munching on this bag of assorted fruit-flavored gummies!
Furukawa Mysterious!? Witch Gum
It looks like a witch decided to mix the flavors in this pack of gum! It has orange, apple, soda, yogurt, and a secret mystery flavor for you to discover.
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