September 2019


Embark on a tasty tour of the flavors of Japan!
See where the snacks included in the September Japan Candy Box came from!
Bourbon Petit Yakisoba Rice Crackers
Originating from Osaka, yakisoba noodles are a favorite festival food in Japan. These senbei or rice crackers capture the saucy flavor of the dish in each crispy piece.
Peko Chan Salty Lemon Lollipop
Refresh and recharge with Peko Chan! This citrus sucker is made with real lemon, famous in Setouchi, and has added salt to replenish yourself after working up a sweat on your journey.
Toppo Cheese Tart Biscuit Sticks
Feel like you’re in Hokkaido when you take a bite of this creamy cheese tart treat! These biscuit sticks are crisp on the outside with a pie crust flavor and are filled with sweet cheese tart filling.
Hi Chew Grape Chocoball
Off to the kyoho grape vines of Yamanashi! Hi Chew and Chocoball have teamed up with this unique collaborative flavor. Each one is coated in grape chocolate and has a chewy Hi-Chew center.
Yaokin Lemon Umaibo
Venture to the Setouchi region famous for its lemons with this Umaibo corn snack. Each bite has that familiarly delicious crunch and savory taste with a slightly citrus lemon kick.
Coris Extreme Green Ramune Candy
This isn’t your ordinary ramune candy. Each piece has either a sweet Aomori apple flavor or the infamously unpleasant flavor of aojiru, a Japanese plant-based health drink. Will you take the risk?
Baby Star Miso Ramen
Have a rich bowl of Hokkaido’s famous miso ramen in a convenient pack. This snack pack is rich with the comforting and savory flavor of hearty miso broth.
Toy Story Fettuccine Melon Soda Gummies
Hokkaido melon soda gets gummi-fied in this yummy pack! The Toy Story gang makes an appearance on the packaging of these sweetly refreshing gummies coated with slightly sour crystals.
Japanese Salty Watermelon Candy
The hometown of Kumamon, Kumamoto, is also famous for its super sweet watermelons! These hard throat candies are made with Kumamoto watermelon and sea salt from the nearby ocean.
Kado Mochi Taro
This classic fried flour snack from Ibaraki Prefecture has a powerful crunch! Enjoy the mildly salty taste found inside packaging with folklore characters like Hanasaka Jiisan and Momotaro’s friends.
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