September 2021


Munch your way through Japan, and eat as the Japanese do!
See which Japanese bento snacks were included in September's box!
Okinawa Wasabi Salty Beef Potato Chips
Okinawa Prefecture is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. This limited edition snack puts a tropical twist to their signature spicy, beef-flavored chips by using rich Okinawan sea salt!
Picola Uji Matcha Latte Egg Rolls
Uji, Kyoto is the matcha capital of Japan! Each egg roll has a distinct combination of sweet milk and bitter green tea sourced from the Uji countryside.
Marukawa Shaved Ice Bubble Gum
Kakigori or Japanese shaved ice is a popular tasty dessert loved by locals. Enjoy these gum sticks that have a refreshing taste of kakigori flavored with ramune carbonated soda.
Uncle Pierre’s Buttercream Roll Cake Snack
Japanese roll cake or “Nihon no Roru Keki” makes for the perfect dessert after a bento lunch. This bite-size treat is filled with sweet buttercream icing in between layers of rolled-up fluffy cake.
Baby Star x Coco Ichibanya Curry Noodle Snack
Coco Ichibanya is a famous Japanese curry chain that is loved by many locals! Baby Star has teamed up with them for this special curry-flavored dried noodle snack.
Puccho Ramune Ball Candy
Ramune is a famous bottled carbonated drink in Japan. Enjoy these sweet treats that come in 3 thirst-quenching ramune variants: cola, soda, and peach! Perfect after a full bento meal!
Sushi Fun Lollipop
Sushi is super well-loved not only in Japan, but all over the world! Enjoy this fun and sweet candy version of sushi on a stick!
Tsumami Dane Mixed Rice Cracker Snacks
Enjoy trying out different flavors of senbei or rice cracker snacks! They come in 10 delicious flavors like seaweed, prawn, squid, peanut, soy sauce, and many more.
Maruta Flower Konpeito
Konpeito are traditional Japanese sugar candies that are shaped like stars and come in many different colors. They were introduced in Japan by the Portuguese in the early 16th century.
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