June 2024


Open the doors of a konbini and find everything you needs!
See which Japanese snacks were included!
Kit Kat x Sanrio Characters Strawberry Milk Mini Bar
Konbinis are filled with kawaii candies like this limited-edition Japanese Kit Kat. It’s a strawberry milk-flavored chocolate wafer that’s made sweeter with Sanrio Characters!
Chip Star Teriyaki Burger Potato Chips
If you’re craving the umami taste of Japanese burgers, you’ll enjoy this stack of potato chips! It’s a flavorful blend of rich teriyaki mayonnaise and grilled patty.
Country Ma'am Matcha Chocolate Gateau Cookie
Konbinis blend Japanese and Western cultures. Indulge in this sweet treat that combines premium Japanese matcha with rich Dutch cocoa and chocolate chips for a taste of both East and West!
Toppo Royal Milk Tea Biscuit Sticks
Feel like royalty when you snack on these crispy pretzel sticks with a cup of hot cocoa or tea. Toppo biscuit sticks are known for their yummy cream fillings, and this one is filled with milk tea-flavored chocolate.
Hi-Chew Mango Chewy Candy
Mango is now one of Japanese Hi-Chew’s national flavors and it has become popular worldwide! This chewy candy will give your taste buds a surprising tropical experience.
Meigum Ramune Sea Friend Gummy
You can find lots of interesting treats in a konbini. This gummy candy looks like two sea creatures playing tug of war! You can pull and stretch the gummy apart before you eat it!
Bandai Tongue Palette Gummy
Feel like an artist when you color your tongue with this gummy candy! There are three flavors – red cola, yellow lemon, and blue soda. Eat two different gummies and you’ll get a new color!
Umaibo Teriyaki Burger Snack Stick
“Umai” means “delicious” in Japanese, and Umaibo is always coated with a unique delicious flavor! This puffed corn stick has the umami taste of a teriyaki burger, a staple in Japan’s fast-food restaurants.
Meigum Sushi Gummy
Sushi is a well-loved Japanese food not just in Japan but all over the world! Have fun creating a candy version of sushi with these rice and fish-shaped gummies!
Konbini Surprise
Konbini Surprise
Wonderful surprises are waiting for you in a konbini and in our warehouse. Enjoy this treat that we’ve handpicked from our wide selection of yummy Japanese snacks!
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