May 2024


Akihabara is the center of Japanese otaku culture filled with gadget stores, arcades and anime shops.
See which Japanese snacks were included!
Takoyaki Tei Corn Snack
Takoyaki is a popular street food in Japan made with octopus pieces and veggies. With this corn puff that looks and tastes like takoyaki, you won’t miss out on Japan’s traditional snack!
Friendship Combo Chocoball
Kyoro-chan, the bird from Chocoball, matches the Akiba vibe with its Monster Strike look and “friendship combo” move! This chocolate-coated biscuit snack gives you much-needed energy while strolling the streets.
Pokemon Fruit Ramune Candy
Enjoy this sweet treat that tastes like a fruity ramune, a refreshing drink from Japan. Perfect after a Pokemon battle at Akihabara game centers!
Pokemon x Sapporo Ichiban Soy Sauce Noodles
The Pokemon cuties are here to give you a quick hunger fix! You only need to add boiling water to enjoy a cup of delicious soy sauce-flavored noodles. Now you can go back to arcade hopping!
Pokemon Potato Maru Noodle Snacks
Akihabara stores are filled with Pokemon goodies! If you’re gonna catch ‘em all, don’t forget to bring this tasty noodle snack. It’s light and crispy, with a round shape that resembles a Pokeball.
Kit Kat Strawberry Shortcake Mini-Bar
Japanese Kit Kat boasts more than 300 different unique flavors! Have an instant special dessert with this limited-edition Kit Kat that’s made with real, freeze-dried strawberries!
Splatoon 3 Soda & Cola Paste Candy
The Nintendo game Splatoon is back in action! Japan is known for creating oddly interesting candies, and this one reminds us of Splatoon ink guns. Just squeeze the pack to enjoy it!
One Piece Devil Fruit Gummy
This gummy is inspired by the Japanese game jan-ken-pon or rock-paper-scissors. It tastes like Devil Fruit, the mystical fruit from the iconic anime One Piece. Try it and see if you’ll have skills like Monkey D. Luffy!
Kirby Mix'n'Match Gum
Complete your Akiba Adventure by experimenting with new flavors! Chew two different pieces of this tiny Kirby gum at the same time and create new flavor combinations.
Akiba Surprise
Akiba Surprise
Have fun with this yummy surprise! It’s been carefully picked from our candy and snack warehouse. We hope you love it!
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