April 2024


It’s springtime and Japan is covered in pink and white!
See which Japanese sakura snacks were included!
Special Spring Edition Chocoball
Japanese people celebrate spring with hanami or flower viewing. Don’t forget to bring this spring-limited pack of chocolate balls with you for your picnic under sakura trees!
Disney Easter Egg Chocolate Biscuits
Easter egg hunting is so much fun when you get rewarded with sweet treats from Mickey Mouse and his friends! This chocolate-filled biscuit comes in a special sakura-printed pack that’s only available in spring.
Angel Pie Vanilla Biscuit Sandwich
Welcome spring with a delicious sweet treat that’s filled with vanilla-flavored marshmallow cream. You can pair this chocolate pie with a cup of warm milk to complement the rich flavor.
Hi-Chew Mini Easter Candy
Hi-Chew is a popular candy in Japan known for its unique chewy texture, and it’s made even more special in a fun Easter pack! These brightly colored candies are perfect for Easter egg surprises.
Picola Sakura Matcha Biscuit Rolls
It's time for a tea party while admiring cherry blossoms! Savor the scent of sakura and the bittersweet taste of uji matcha in these light and crunchy biscuit sticks.
LOOK White Peach & Strawberry Chocolates
Japan is famous for its locally grown peaches and strawberries bursting with sweet and juicy flavors. This box of chocolates features both delicious fruits so you’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Don Tacos Tartar Fish Chips
Tartar sauce is a refreshing and tangy condiment often enjoyed with Japanese fried dishes. Serve these taco chips at your sakura party! Each bite is like munching on a crispy fish fillet with rich tartar dressing.
Tom & Jerry Cheese Gummy
The Tom and Jerry duo is surprisingly popular in Japan, and they’re here to bring you a squishy treat! These gummy candies taste and look like cheese. Some of them even look like a cheese version of Jerry!
Morinaga Ramune Gummy
Ramune is a favorite carbonated drink in Japan, and it’s also popular in candy form. But have you tried ramune gummy? It’s like chewing the iconic and fizzy drink!
Sweet Surprise
Sweet Surprise
You deserve a nice surprise! This special spring treat was carefully selected from our snack bin just for you. We hope you like it!
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