March 2024


These yummy Japanese snacks and candies are the perfect treats for our hike up Fuji-san.
See which Japanese snacks were included!
Calbee Oyatsuriko Anko Butter Stick Snacks
Refuel your energy while hiking with friends by snacking on this pack of tasty stick snacks! It combines the taste of anko (red beans) and rich butter. Sweet, savory, and delicious!
Nissin Matcha Ace Coin Cookies
This pack of rich matcha cookies showcases ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) of a geisha serving tea near Mt. Fuji! Enjoy eating these coin-shaped cookies with a cup of ceremonial Japanese tea.
Jujutsu Kaisen Choco Wafer
Reserve this pack of chocolate wafers for your next anime screening. Not only does it showcase characters from the popular boys' anime Jujutsu Kaisen, but it also comes with a collectible Jujutsu Kaisen sticker!
Kit Kat Strong Matcha Chocolate Wafer
Take a moment to savor the rich, authentic taste of matcha with this bar of chocolate-coated wafers! These tasty treats have a concentrated matcha flavor profile with the right level of sweetness.
Koikeya Aino Soul Jazz Burger Potato Chips
This unique bag of potato chips comes from a collab between Koikeya and Japanese artist MISIA! Listen to jazz music while enjoying these chips bursting with the taste of soulful burgers!
Okada Ramune Monaka Wafer
A monaka is a traditional Japanese red bean paste-filled wafer snack. This bottle-shaped monaka has a fun little twist - inside is ramune soda powder! Suck it out with a straw or eat it whole.
Umaibo Yakitori Corn Stick Snack
Umaemon the cat wants you to take this corn puff snack with you while exploring the great outdoors! Each bite lets you enjoy the taste of yakitori, Japanese chicken skewers coated in a soy glaze.
Yaokin Ramune Mochi
Mochi is a rice cake that’s considered a wagashi or a traditional Japanese sweet. This pack of mochi tastes just like ramune, a Japanese carbonated soft drink! Enjoy the unique taste of these mochi.
Chiikawa Mixed Ramune Candy
Get your sugar boost with the help of a cutie from the manga Chiikawa (a.k.a. “Something Small & Cute” in English). This pack of ramune candies has three flavors - peach, pineapple, and soda!
Mystery Treat
Mystery Treat
Everyone loves delicious surprises! This special treat was carefully chosen for you from our Japanese candy and snack warehouse. We hope you like it!
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