February 2024


Strawberries are a popular Valentine’s treat in Japan, so we filled this box with strawberry-flavored snacks.
See which Japanese snacks were included!
Pokemon Strawberry Ramune Candy
The Pokemon gang wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you! This candy recreates the refreshing taste of ramune, a popular drink in Japan. Enjoy munching each piece while trying to name them all!
Milky Strawberry Parfait Candy
Peko Chan is the cute mascot of Milky Candy, and she’s here to add sweetness to your Valentine’s Day. Enjoy this candy that’s filled with strawberry sauce, just like a strawberry parfait!
LOOK Strawberry Buffet Chocolate
Strawberry and chocolate are the perfect match, and it’s made even better with four different strawberries from Japan – Amaou, Yube, Awayuki, and Pearl White. Try all the flavors and tell us which one’s your favorite!
Calbee Super Potato Teriyaki Mayo Chips
Teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise create a delicious dressing combination. Experience that savory flavor with each bite of these teriyaki mayo-flavored potato chips!
HEART Apple Chocolates
This box of chocolates is blended with full-flavored apples from Nagano Prefecture. You can share these heart-shaped treats with your loved ones to make them feel extra special!
Calbee Vegetable Salad Snacks
A Valentine’s treat doesn’t always have to be sweet. These light and crispy snacks are heart-shaped and taste like a refreshing vegetable salad.
Kit Kat Strawberry Chocolate Cake Wafer
Indulge in this special Japanese Kit Kat to give yourself some love! This chocolate wafer has a blend of strawberry and chocolate cake flavors, making it the perfect me-time treat.
Umaibo Tonkatsu Sauce Snack
Tonkatsu sauce blends sweet, sour, and salty flavors. Enjoy the taste of the Japanese-style barbecue sauce with this light and puffy snack!
Starry Konpeito Candy
Konpeito isn’t just a typical colorful sugar candy, it’s a traditional treat that’s been a part of Japanese culture since the 16th century. Share this pack with your sweet friends!
Mystery Snack
Yummy Mystery Treat
Love is more exciting with a bit of mystery! You’re in for a treat with this carefully selected snack from our warehouse!
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