January 2024


Japan has tons of interesting treats and here are Oishi’s top picks!
See which Japanese snacks were included in January's box!
Super Mario x Chip Star Shrimp Nori Potato Chips
Chip Star collaborated with Super Mario to give you the best snack to enjoy while playing video games! These crispy potato chips are packed with savory shrimp and nori flavor.
Chili Pepper Choco Flakes
A surprising twist on a crunchy chocolate treat! This one made our top 10 because of its interesting blend of flavors – chocolate and chili! You can snack on it as it is or enjoy it with milk.
Kyoto Uji Matcha Chocoball
The winner in the matcha category is this Chocoball biscuit that’s coated with Uji matcha-flavored chocolate! Experience Kyoto’s relaxing vibe by pairing this treat with a warm cup of green tea.
Sours Energy Drink Candy
When it comes to gummy candies, Sours Candy is a stand-out favorite with its super sour powder coating. Munch on this energy drink-flavored gummy shaped like a turtle, which makes chewing it extra fun.
Mango Mochi Candy
One of the most popular festival snacks in Japan is mochi, a chewy rice cake. This mango-flavored mochi candy has a refreshing tropical taste and resembles the texture of Japan’s best traditional dessert.
Mini Bottle Ramune Candy
Ramune is a well-loved carbonated drink in Japan. With these sweet candies, you’ll get to experience the refreshing fizz of ramune. They even come in a mini bottle, so you can easily bring these ramune candies anywhere!
Takoyaki Potato Snack
Want to try one of the best Japanese street food? This crunchy potato snack recreates the taste of takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack filled with chopped vegetables and octopus.
Kit Kat Sweetness White Chocolate
The best snack list wouldn’t be complete without a Japanese Kit Kat! Take a bite out of this yummy wafer snack. The white chocolate coating is made sweeter with Hokkaido milk.
Almond Thunder Chocolate Bar
Almond Thunder is Black Thunder’s new variant, and it’s just as worthy to be included in our top list! The popular crunchy chocolate bar just got a lot crunchier with crushed roasted almonds.
Yummy Mystery Treat
Yummy Mystery Treat
Surprise! Here’s a treat that we’ve handpicked out of our wide selection of Japanese snacks. Don’t forget to tag us and let us know how you liked it!
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