December 2023


Hohoho, it’s the season of holiday snacking!
See which Japanese Christmas snacks were included in December's box!
White Milk Christmas Caramel Corn
Milk is Santa’s favorite drink. Enjoy the rich milky flavor of these corn puff treats! This limited-edition pack of goodies made with milk, honey, and cream was created especially for Christmas.
Pokémon Christmas Chocolate Snack Pack
The Pokemon gang wants to join the holiday fun! This Christmas-themed pack of chocolate corn snacks is perfect for sharing. You can eat each Pikachu-shaped piece on its own or you can have it with milk!
Green Apple & Orange Cool Bear Candy
Chill out together with this happy polar bear. These orange and green apple-flavored candy balls have a nice, cooling sensation in the mouth. Eat two at the same time to feel even cooler!
Ichigo Powder Snow Candy
These tasty candies made from real Japanese Amaou strawberries are coated in special snow powder that feels cold! Now you can experience eating candy that’s just like snow!
Milk Tea Kit Kat Chocolate
This limited-edition chocolate wafer bar is meant to warm your heart! Creamy and sweet with the flavor of full-bodied black tea, this tasty treat would go perfectly with a warm cup of cocoa.
Spicy Mentai & Cheese Jagariko Potato Snacks
Mentaiko is a kind of Japanese pollock roe that combines umami, spice, and brine. Enjoy the taste of mentaiko mixed with salty cheese when you bite into these stick-shaped potato snacks!
Lactic Acid Drink Puku Puku Tai Taiyaki Wafer
Taiyaki is a popular Japanese fish-shaped cake. Inspired by taiyaki, this special wafer treat has an airy chocolate filling that tastes like a lactic acid drink. It’s creamy, sweet, and slightly sour. Yum!
New York Cheesecake Crunky Chocolate
Christmas isn’t complete without cake! Combined with malt puffs and cookie bits, this Japanese chocolate bar tastes just like New York cheesecake. Oishi tip: freeze in the ref and eat it cold.
Red & Green Apple Mentos Duo Soda Candy
Toast to the season with these fizzy soda-flavored chewy candies. This special pack of dragees lets you try out two different varieties of apple - classic red and refreshing green apple. Kampai!
Mystery Goody
Mystery Goody
Everyone likes a nice surprise! We hope you enjoy this special treat we’ve selected from our snack bin.
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