Fortune Telling Candy Tutorial

These Fortune Telling strawberry milk coated chocolate candies were included in our June 2019 box. Besides their sweet yummy taste and vibrant colors, these little treats also have fortune telling powers! 

Beneath each one, you’ll see a different word in Japanese. Each word represents an area in your life.

▲ Each category is written in hiragana or katana, great for practicing Japanese! Here’s a cheat sheet of their meanings!

おでかけ – odekake – going out
カラオケ – karaoke – karaoke
あそび – asobi – fun
イメチェン – imechen – makeover
かいもの – kaimono – shopping
りょこう – ryokou – travel
れんあい – renai – love
メルトモ – merutomo – sns friend
ぼうけん – bouken – adventure
であい – deai – new meeting
ごはん – gohan – food
こくはく – kokuhaku – confessing to your crush
うんどう – undou – work out
ゆめ – yume – dream
きゅうけい – kyuukei – take a break
ねがいごと -negaigoto – wish
デート – deto – date
おくりもの – okurimono – sending something

▲ When you pop out a piece, you will see either a double circle, circle, or triangle printed on the wrapper. What does this all mean you may ask. In Japan, a double circle means “best.” A regular circle means “good” and a triangle means “so-so.” The x symbol, called “batsu” in Japanese, means “no good.”

How was your luck? Let us know what results you were happy about by commenting or share your experience with #JapanCandyBox

Japan Candy Box delivers fun & tasty Japanese snacks directly from Tokyo to your door! Discover Japan through exclusive snacks, traditional Japanese treats, and Japanese candy flavors not available anywhere else!


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