Popin’ Cookin’ Pudding Flan Parfait DIY Kit Tutorial

Popin' Cookin' Pudding Flan Parfait Kit DIY

Time for some DIY candy! This Popin’ Cookin’ Pudding Flan Parfait DIY Kit was included in the March 2017 candy subscription box. Follow this tutorial to create your own delicious pudding with fruit slices and other decorations!

Flan Parfait Kit DIY

▲ This DIY kit includes 1 bag of pudding powder, 1 bag of vanilla cream powder, 1 bag of cherry jelly powder, 1 bag of orange jelly powder and 1 bag of pudding sauce. There are also topping chocolates and wafers for decorating the parfait. The parfait will be made in the mixing tray with a spoon which can be found from the kit as well.

Flan Parfait Kit DIY

▲ Cut off the biggest section of the tray and fill it with water until the marked line. Carefully mix the contents of the yellow bag, the pudding powder, with the water. Then pour water into the blue bag containing vanilla cream powder, using the small rectangle section of the tray to measure the appropriate amount of water, and mix them well. Use this rectangle to measure the appropriate amount of water at all phases from here on. Fold the end of the blue bag number by number like indicated on the bag.

Pour the contents of the yellow bag, containing orange jelly powder, into the corner square of the tray. Again add the exact amount of water that fits the small rectangle section and mix carefully. With the help of the spoon, fill the three ‘fruit slice’ compartments with the yellow paste.

Flan Parfait Kit DIY

▲ Pour the powder from the orange bag, the cherry jelly powder, into the last compartment. Add water with the rectangle and mix well. Next, as the pudding has solidified, you can turn over the container on a small plate. With the help of the spoon, take also the fruity decorations out of the tray. After washing the container where you prepared the pudding, pour the contents of the brown pudding sauce bag into it, add water and mix.

Flan Parfait Kit DIY

▲ Decorate the flan with the brown sauce and the jelly fruits. Cut the indicated corner of the blue bag and squeeze the vanilla cream next to the flan. Add the finishing touches by topping your flan with chocolates and the wafers. Enjoy your yummy flan parfait!

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