December 2018


Take a peek which Japanese Christmas snacks were included in the December Japan Candy Box!
Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn
Tohato has made these famous caramel corn treats since 1971. This limited edition Christmas package will get you into the holiday mood!
Bourbon Petit Cinnamon Biscuits
These small biscuits are flavored with real cinnamon, the most Christmas-y flavor in the world!
Glico Caplico Atama White Milk Chocolate
Caplico is usually offered in an ice cream cone shape. This special version includes mini star-shaped bites with a perfect blend of white and milk chocolate flavor!
Christmas Umaibo Chocolate Flavor
This seasonal Umaibo or “delicious stick” is a special Christmas edition with sweet chocolate flavor.
Yaokin Merry Christmas Fugashi Snack
Fugashi is a traditional Japanese brown sugar treat that has been popular in Japan for generations.
Black Thunder Christmas Minibar
Over 130 million Black Thunder snacks are sold in Japan each year. The tasty chocolate coated hard biscuits and cocoa cookies are addictively crunchy!
Candemina Assembly Sour Candy
Japanese people love sour candies in all shapes and forms! Create new exciting flavor combinations by assembling the candy pieces together!
Fortune Telling Ramune Candy
Find out what your fortune is for the new year. A double circle means great, single circle means good, a triangle means so-so, and X means bad.
Ginbis Christmas Shimi Choco Corn Snack
A popular puffy and sweet snack from Japan. The chocolate flavored corn treats are shaped like stars! What a perfect snack to share with friends while waiting for the holidays!
Bourbon Tsum Tsum Xmas Biscuits
Disney Tsum Tsums were first released in Japan and are named after the Japanese word "tsumu" which means "to stack". Such a cute Christmas snack!
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