November 2018


Take a peek which seasonal Japanese snacks were included in the November Japan Candy Box!
Kanro Pure Gummy - Mixed Berry Flavor
Pure gummy is made using real fruit juice. Enjoy the mix of seasonal berries from the forest with added collagen and vitamin C.
Calbee Jagabee Osatsubee Sweet Potato Chips
These potato chips are shaped like real french fries and made from pure sweet potato rich in dietary fiber. Just like eating real sweet potato fries!
Bonchi Ponsuke Arare Crackers
Arare is a traditional bite-sized Japanese cracker made from glutinous rice. These bite sized morsels are flavored with sesame sauce.
Meiji Gochi Sour Plum Gummies
Gochi is Meiji's answer to Fettuccine - their ever popular rival. This special edition flavor perfectly captures both the sweetness and sourness of Japanese plums.
Kit Kat Cranberry Almond Minibar
This luxury edition Kit Kat earns its namesake from its higher quality ingredients: Chunks of whole almonds and cranberries baked into a rich dark chocolate.
Osatsu Doki Sweet Potato Chips
These seasonal chips are made from real Kyushu golden senpusu sweet potatoes. Making them thick and crunchy.
Pine Sherbert Pero Fun Dip Lollipop
Dip the lollipop into the sherbet flavored powder and control the level of sweetness based on the level of powder you dip it into.
Gudetama Chocolate Bar
Gudetama is our favorite lazy egg! He never leaves his comfort zone, the egg white! Enjoy this crunchy white chocolate bar and be lazy like Gudetama!
Bourbon Bit Chocolate Crunch
Enjoy this bite size chocolate snack filled with crunchy almond and corn puff. On the go, anywhere, anytime!
Coris Plum Chewy Candy
This plum flavored candy is filled with air which gives it an extra boost of chewiness. Eat slowly to enjoy all the different flavors layered inside the round candy.
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