December 2022


Enjoy the holidays munching on these yummy treats from Santa Oishi!
See which Japanese Christmas treats were included in December's box!
Tahato Christmas Caramel Corn
This Christmas-themed bag of Caramel Corn is perfect for a holiday movie marathon! Share these crunchy treats with your friends while watching your favorite Christmas films.
LOOK Chestnut Duo Chocolates
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” as the famous song says. These choco bites taste like Mont Blanc and Kuri Kinton — Japanese desserts made with chestnut purée, perfect for the holidays!
Pocky Winter Golden Butter Caramel Biscuit Sticks
This delicious Pocky flavor is released in Japan for a limited time! Each stick has burnt golden butter and is coated with rich caramel chocolate. Salt is added to enhance the buttery taste!
Kit Kat Big Little White Fiantine Choco Bites
Indulge in these special Kit Kat bites that are coated with snow-white choco on all sides! These mini chocolates are packed with crushed fiantine — a thin crepe dough baked to a crisp.
Pokemon Christmas Chocolate Corn Puffs
Pikachu and the gang are ready to join in the holiday fun with these crunchy treats! Each chocolate-coated corn puff is shaped like Pikachu’s face. Enjoy it on its own or add milk for breakfast!
Puku Puku Taiyaki Lemon Tea Wafer
Cold winter months are meant to be spent sipping hot lemon tea! This wafer snack looks like the traditional Japanese fish-shaped taiyaki and tastes like this soothing beverage.
Uncle Pierre’s Buttercream Roll Cake
This moist rolled cake snack is filled to the brim with rich buttercream icing! Pair it with a mug of hot cocoa as you celebrate the winter holidays snacking by the fireplace with friends and family!
One Piece Fruit Cider Maken Gummy
One Piece is an iconic anime about Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures with the Straw Hat Pirates! This fruit cider-flavored gummy is inspired by the Japanese game jan-ken-pon or rock-paper-scissors.
Gyo Gyo Taste Changing Gum
Have a blast trying these colorful gum sticks on their own or by chewing on two or three pieces at a time! You’ll get to taste unique fruit flavors like muscat, cherry, and more!
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